For the first time in his four-plus season NBA career, Glen Davis will be playing basketball in Boston, but not as a Celtic. That’s right, Big Baby’s going home (or whatever) to face the team that drafted him. He’s got a title, he played four years in Beantown and Celtics fans used to love him, so you know what that means — video tribute.

And when that big screen starts playing those highlights, expect tears to be flowing. All the Magic are. From the Orlando Sentinel:

He said he might cry at TDGarden, especially if the Celtics show videos of the championship season. He said he hopes the Celtics fans “give me loveā€¦..I want to get this out of the way.”

“We just have to let it play out,” Dwight Howard said. “He’s emotional. He might cry. We’ll make sure we bring a big pacifier.”

OK, maybe not all the Magic are on record as saying Big Baby might cry, but I’m sure they all agree. I mean, if Big Baby and his personal electroshock therapist are both saying it, it must be true. Those guys would never lie.

Given the situation, the Celtics can go one of three ways with this. They can make the tribute super melodramatic to wring all the tears they can out of Big Baby. This would be beneficial because he’s one of the Magic’s most important bench players, and having him incapacitated by crying would help out a team that desperately needs a win.

They could also do a very funny montage of Glen Davis acting really Big Baby-y. There are more than enough moments available — the Nate Robinson jumping thing, the running over a kid, the tongue and cetera — that they could put together a hilarious three minute video of this guy acting like a nincompoop. It’d be great.

Or, and this would surely get the most tears, they could not do a video tribute. If you think a video tribute will really mess up an emotional guy like Davis, just imagine what not having a video tribute would do. Sure, it’d be really mean, but the Celtics are 6-9, so they should take any advantage they can get.

(via SLAM)