Things are bad in New York. The Knicks are 6-10, 10th-best in the Eastern Conference, despite playing the third easiest schedule in the NBA. They’re defense hasn’t been as bad as you might guess (10th in terms of points per 100 possessions) but their offense has been atrocious, scoring just 98.6 points per 100 possessions. That’s worse than the Milwaukee Bucks, bad enough for seventh-worst in the league.

But the worst part is that the team has apparently turned in to sophomore year of high school. From the New York Post:

According to a source familiar with the situation, Anthony has been too obsessed with his points and Stoudemire is too concerned with Anthony taking over the team. There’s also too much finger-pointing, according to the source.

Oh man. This is bad. Just imagine the consequences.

Carmelo is obsessed with points, so Amar’e is obsessed with Carmelo. But then, Iman Shumpert is mad that Amar’e doesn’t think Iman is shooting too much, so he’ll shoot more to get Stoudemire’s attention. This, as you can imagine, makes Tyson Chandler mad because he needs someone to throw him alley-oops if he ever wants to score, but they’re not because they all want Amar’e to be mad at them for shooting too much.

Meanwhile, Toney Douglas is like, “Iman’s shooting this much and still playing over me? Not cool.” That, in turn, makes Mike Bibby think that he should be playing if Iman Shumpert is shooting so much and Toney Douglas is pouting. While that’s happening, Landry Fields doesn’t get why no one mentions that he’s doing a good job of playing with in himself and not making waves.

These guys are mad that Amar’e doesn’t care that they’re there too, which means no one even notices that Josh Harrellson broke his wrist or Bill Walker got 1990s rap hair, so they’re like, “Whatevs.” Not to mention, Jared Jeffries is peeved that no one considers him the reason the Knicks keep losing games, when that’s been his thing for years. No one will sit next to Steve Novak at lunch and Baron Davis is having panic attacks because everyone thinks he’s the savior when he can barely breathe. Any more pressure and he’s going to start wearing eyeliner to class practice.

All this because Carmelo Anthony has taken 105 shots in the past four games. These guys need peer mediation.

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  1. What’s up with this ‘Your comment is too short’ thing? As if.

  2. Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

  3. And NY fans thought that this team was going to contend in the East???

    Melo isn’t a team player, probably never will be. He’s all about the stats, and it shows with his massive amounts of shots. Did anyone see the Nuggets vs Knicks game on Saturday? Why did the other 4 guys on the Knicks even bother running up the floor on offense? You know Melo wasn’t passing it..

  4. Landry Fields is a stud, looking forward to getting him on all my future fantasy teams once he either A) Plays for a new team B) Gets the NY respect he deserves

    • Landy Fields has not been able to contribute much this year. He’s playing very tentatively, his go to move is pump-fake when he has an open look, take on dribble with no intention on driving and pass it off. He doesn’t need respect, he needs an offense that moves the ball b/c he’s not a creator. He’s also not helping himself by rebounding far less…his rebound rate has almost fallen to half of what it was last year, and his offensive rate is about a third of last year.

      • The Melo and Chandler moves really killed his game, more so the Melo one. It’s not the same Fields and it’s not the same D’Antoni offense ever since that trade last year.

        They had to change it up to a half court game, and Fields has suffered because of that. Still a pretty good defender though.

  5. Locker room tensions remain high as many team members have been quoted as being frustrated with Toney Douglas, claiming that he “won’t stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen”.

  6. And that’s what you missed, on “GLEE!”

  7. Baron Davis is so totally Zack Morris and he’s so totally going to clean up this team because he’s so totally the coolest. Rad

  8. You guys are killing it in this comment thread. Well done.

  9. At least Baron took some college courses of the summer

  10. Melo and LeBron are small forwards… I hate how both of them insist on handling the ball like they are point guards.

  11. Nice job! Jeremy Lin who just got picked up from the D-League is the new guy in school and he’s about to make many of his classmates MAD! *pointing* at Douglas and Bibby.

    Come check us out sometime

    We love great sports discussions too!

  12. this is a great blog! keep it up!

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