This is just the logical extension of Quentin Richardson’s bench-bound defense. Up next, actually starting on the court before D-ing up.

It sounds crazy, but I think it’s going to turn out OK.

(via Oskar Jamtander)

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  1. and they got away with it? really? what were the refs doing? in 2012, cameras, instant replays everywhere, come on…!

    • They only had 4 guys on the floor before JRich hopped in. No idea what the rules say in such a case.

  2. veteran play, and i´m not even kidding

  3. @Phil
    I don’t know about the NBA, but where I’ve officiated (high shcool ball), if a bench player (who is obviously out of the field of play) hops on the court without a referee’s “permission”, that’s a technical foul.

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