For the past 10 seasons, Pau Gasol has reigned supreme as the NBA’s premier crazy on-court face maker. It’s been a legendary run, with his 2010 playoff performance being hailed as one of the greatest melty face displays in the history of the league.

But times have changed. There’s a new crazy face king in town. His name is Kevin Love.

Just have a look at these amazing faces, all of which come from this season.

There is no way he missed this dunk. Not with eye focus like that.

This is serious. This is a man who is shooting the most intense layup to have ever been shot. This is a man who is doing a Dennis Reynolds impersonation.

Fairly calm, I’ll admit, but that’s probably because he’s seven feet from the basket where its mystical face-bending powers aren’t as strong. Still nice and grimace-y though.

I call this one the “Hey, I’m Walkin’ Here” because this is the look on your face when you say that on a New York City street.

Feels like he’s just trying to keep his rep up here. Like if he didn’t shoot a layup with his mouth wide-open, no one would take his crazy faces seriously.

“Whoooooooaaaaaa!!!” — Kevin Love here or Wayne Campbell during an extreme closeup

And this is the side view of the “Whoooooooaaaaaa!!!” This photo proves Kevin Love likes to give every fan something special, no matter where in the arena they’re sitting.

Dunks are scary. No wonder Kevin Love doesn’t play defense.

An instant classic. Also the most Trey Kerby-looking picture if you’re scoring at home.

His face is so intense that you don’t even notice his arm veins about to explode. Impressive.

Do you think Kevin Love can fit a fist in his mouth? Probably.

This is actually Wayne Rooney.

Did you realize Kevin Love has braces? You do now.

This has to be a joke. There’s no way Kevin Love needs his face this strained. It must be an impersonation of one of those squawky dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park.”

Amazing luck that this photo was snapped at the exact moment Kevin Love was turned to stone.

Even in a preseason game, Kevin Love made clear that he was gunning for that No. 1 spot on the crazy face rankings.

As you can see, the evidence supports Kevin Love’s ascendancy, and that’s even without including this legendary shot. I never thought Pau Gasol would be unseated, but I welcome our new champion.

May he reign with crazy faces for years to come.