We are all familiar with the famous score 100 points get a fast food item for free promotion. Chalupas, Big Macs, tacos — whichever fast food behemoth has the funds to hookup fans of a winning team that tops the century mark, that’s what the fans are eating. Fans go CRAZY for these, to the point that some guys get nicknames because they win things for the fans. It’s insane.

As fans, we know what it’s like to win these treats we’ll never actually collect. But what about the players — how do they feel? Last night, we found out. Twice.

First, Lavoy Allen of the Philadelphia 76ers, from the 700 Level:

“I’m expecting a couple of them to give me their tickets,” Allen joked after the game of the fans cheering for his big bucket. “I’m feeling for a couple of Big Macs tomorrow.”

After a career highs in minutes, points, rebounds and blocks, hooking him up with some free Big Macs is the least 76ers fans can do. There’s no way they’re all going to collect them anyway, so might as well slide a couple burgers Lavoy’s way. He’s making the league’s minimum salary, so every little bit helps.

Luke Babbitt also hit a shot to win some food out in Portland. Blazersedge has his reaction.

“It feels good to give the fans Taco Bell,” Babbitt told Blazersedge.

Though none of us have ever been in a position to give 20,000 people a chalupa, I think we all know what this feels like. Maybe you’ve brought bagels to the office or wings to a football brodown, and people appreciated it. That’s a nice feeling, doing something nice for your pals. Now imagine that times a thousand. It has to be amazing, like 20,000 people giving you a hug at the same time, but not in a weird way.

It just goes to show you, there is nothing quite like giving people free fast food that they probably won’t even redeem. It’s such a rush. You should really try it sometime.