Ballin: Kevin Love went 13-19, scored 39 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and settled the whole “should the Timberwolves pay him as much money as he wants for as long as he wants?” debate. So, a fine night, all things considered.

Not so much: The Magic. 56 points? Come on, guys. Kevin Love made three less shots than you did and he is only one man. I know, he got rid of the line-beard and is looking like a grownup, but that’s just Chris Bridges.

New best mixtape: Brian Scalabrine, you guys.

Not only was this an excellent play, he also made a few more plays — I’m remembering a no-look dump-off for a layup and a bounce pass through the lane, neither of which I can find online — that could be strung together in to a non-ironically great highlight package. Now if we could just get Stacey King to act like a normal human when Scalabrine does anything on the court, then we’d be in business.

More Scal info: Last night, Scalabrine took his first free throws and had his first four assist game as a Bull. Stacey King just yelled as loud as he could upon reading these stats.

Good-bad: On one hand, Kyle Lowry went 4-for-13 and had four turnovers. On the other hand, he had a triple-double (16-10-10), the Rockets won and he threw a pass through Luke Ridnour’s legs.

Old man look at yourself: Vintage Tim Duncan right here, nailing a running half-hook from 13 feet to win a game.

What is this, 2004?

Samesies: At the end of the first half, both the entire Wizards team and Andre Iguodala had nine assists. So Wizards.

So close: Throw out that 39-22 fourth quarter and the Warriors played a great game. Include that quarter and they lost by one to the Grizzlies. Whoops.

Nice touch: Cool socks, Darko Milicic.

I can’t tell if these are grey or just dingy white. Considering no one else in the league wears NBA approved greys, I’d lean towards old grossies.

Overheard: “Zaza [Pachulia] is like a man-mountain with arms.” — Jon McGlocklin, Bucks announcer

Other things: This was a very far shot from Tyreke Evans … Better Russell Westbrook play — this pass or this dunk? … This is how you run a fast break … Jermaine O’Neal took three charges last night, because he is apparently invisible … Did it seem like there were a lot of blocked dunks last night? Sure feels like it