Ballin: Kevin Love went 13-19, scored 39 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and settled the whole “should the Timberwolves pay him as much money as he wants for as long as he wants?” debate. So, a fine night, all things considered.

Not so much: The Magic. 56 points? Come on, guys. Kevin Love made three less shots than you did and he is only one man. I know, he got rid of the line-beard and is looking like a grownup, but that’s just Chris Bridges.

New best mixtape: Brian Scalabrine, you guys.

Not only was this an excellent play, he also made a few more plays — I’m remembering a no-look dump-off for a layup and a bounce pass through the lane, neither of which I can find online — that could be strung together in to a non-ironically great highlight package. Now if we could just get Stacey King to act like a normal human when Scalabrine does anything on the court, then we’d be in business.

More Scal info: Last night, Scalabrine took his first free throws and had his first four assist game as a Bull. Stacey King just yelled as loud as he could upon reading these stats.

Good-bad: On one hand, Kyle Lowry went 4-for-13 and had four turnovers. On the other hand, he had a triple-double (16-10-10), the Rockets won and he threw a pass through Luke Ridnour’s legs.

Old man look at yourself: Vintage Tim Duncan right here, nailing a running half-hook from 13 feet to win a game.

What is this, 2004?

Samesies: At the end of the first half, both the entire Wizards team and Andre Iguodala had nine assists. So Wizards.

So close: Throw out that 39-22 fourth quarter and the Warriors played a great game. Include that quarter and they lost by one to the Grizzlies. Whoops.

Nice touch: Cool socks, Darko Milicic.

I can’t tell if these are grey or just dingy white. Considering no one else in the league wears NBA approved greys, I’d lean towards old grossies.

Overheard: “Zaza [Pachulia] is like a man-mountain with arms.” — Jon McGlocklin, Bucks announcer

Other things: This was a very far shot from Tyreke Evans … Better Russell Westbrook play — this pass or this dunk? … This is how you run a fast break … Jermaine O’Neal took three charges last night, because he is apparently invisible … Did it seem like there were a lot of blocked dunks last night? Sure feels like it

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  1. I wouldn’t talk about a guy’s line if it came in a home 15-points loss.

    • Why not? The man did everything in his power to get his team over the hump. He just needed a little help and he didn’t get it.

  2. ha know i imagine rubio throwing every 2nd pass through ridnours legs in practise

  3. Hey, did you see how the basket rattled after Love’s dunk. So he is now skinny, but somehow stronger?

  4. Gotta go with Russ West’s dunk over that pass. That Dunk was just…nasty.

  5. Tad’s right. The dunk – I still cannot figure how he found that gap and actually made it through. Looked like he’d get stuck in a tunnel at full speed there and BOOM there he is again slamming it in.

  6. That dunk was thunderous.

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