First of all, how do you realize you are good at this? I don’t even understand what would give you the impulse to paint with basketball. So weird.

Second of all, double dribble.

(via The Daily What)

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  1. Spot on officiating TK.

  2. Third of all: TRAVEL!

    Fourth of all: Ball hog! (Usg rate 100% ?!)

    Fifth of all: Amazing court awareness, though! Real high basket-paint-ball IQ!

    Sixth of all: Kind of a one-trick poney: Rainbow got six more colours, y’know?

    Seventh of all: Great closer, gets the job done!

  3. Pretty awesome, but can she do one of Yi Jianlian with a bench chair?

  4. ok shes great in the paint but does she have an outside game

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