Earlier today I mentioned that Brian Scalabrine made enough plays in last night’s game to necessitate a highlight pack. Well, with the help of TBJ fan Oskar Jamtander, I did one better and made him an honest-to-goodness YouTube mixtape in the vein of the Internet.

Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

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  1. (expletive) Mamba.

  2. Haha, nicely done, love it!

  3. If I was a GM in this league I would do my best to get Scalabrine, Bonner and Brian Cardinal all on my team. Great figures, great team guys and the fans love them.

  4. Tas, like I said – all jokes aside, these are some good plays, man!!! :))

  5. I just re-named my fantasy basketball team to the “The White Mamba”. Trey, please help me find an appropriate avatar! (GIF preferably)

  6. Some really nice dimes there, and that last move into his little hook shot is sweet. The man can play!

  7. Yeah, well.

    But what about the TRAVEL on the play the other day?

    (Euro guy messing round here! ;-) )

  8. the fist one??? geezz it’s hard to find a play where he doesn’t travel

    (euro guy too ;))

  9. TBJ really needs to get on the campaign to vote Scal into the all-star game … srsly, it’s better than yao ming (who will get voted in anyway)

  10. Pretty cool but that was the most annoying music I’ve ever heard. Had to mute it.

  11. MOP – Ante Up!!!!!! Great track choice.

  12. Anyone else notice he traveled on almost all of those shots? Like 2 out of the only 3 lol

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