DeAndre Jordan leads the NBA in blocks per game (3.0). He’s already got an 8-block game to his credit this year, good for best in the league. He’s also had a game where he blocked six shots and another where he turned back five, both of which are top 20 single game performances. Through the first three years of his career, Jordan is averaging more blocks per 36 minutes than Dwight Howard, who’s a 3-time reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

But the scary thing is that he’s still learning to block shots. From the Los Angeles Times:

“I’m working on it now, like Bill Russell did, blocking [to keep the ball] inbounds or blocking to a teammate,” says Jordan, 23. [...]

[In] the NBA, he’s learning that a successful block often depends on timing. “I didn’t realize until later that I could jump after people released a shot,” he says.

Well, that’s scary for NBA players. DeAndre Jordan is blocking all these shots and he just learned that what he was doing in high school isn’t the best strategy in the NBA. Now that he’s in a post-19-year-old shot-blocking mindset, things can only get better.

You know who doesn’t think he needs to learn any more about blocking shots? These guys.

Or this guy.

Or this guy.

So yeah, if DeAndre Jordan without block shot knowledge is this incredible, imagine when he actually learns what he’s doing.