DeAndre Jordan leads the NBA in blocks per game (3.0). He’s already got an 8-block game to his credit this year, good for best in the league. He’s also had a game where he blocked six shots and another where he turned back five, both of which are top 20 single game performances. Through the first three years of his career, Jordan is averaging more blocks per 36 minutes than Dwight Howard, who’s a 3-time reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

But the scary thing is that he’s still learning to block shots. From the Los Angeles Times:

“I’m working on it now, like Bill Russell did, blocking [to keep the ball] inbounds or blocking to a teammate,” says Jordan, 23. [...]

[In] the NBA, he’s learning that a successful block often depends on timing. “I didn’t realize until later that I could jump after people released a shot,” he says.

Well, that’s scary for NBA players. DeAndre Jordan is blocking all these shots and he just learned that what he was doing in high school isn’t the best strategy in the NBA. Now that he’s in a post-19-year-old shot-blocking mindset, things can only get better.

You know who doesn’t think he needs to learn any more about blocking shots? These guys.

Or this guy.

Or this guy.

So yeah, if DeAndre Jordan without block shot knowledge is this incredible, imagine when he actually learns what he’s doing.

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  1. As a Clipper fan who first looks at the flaws in things, criticisms of DJ:

    Can’t actually jump high; it’s deceptive because he’s so long.
    Many of his blocks should be goaltends and as someone who has watched him for 3 years, I don’t know why refs don’t call it.
    Every time he blocks, he does so wildly and takes himself out of the play for a potential rebound or defensive position on a player in the post ready to rebound the ball.
    This is more on fans than on him, but the fact that he’s ahead of Marc Gasol in All Star voting is offensive.

    He’s a charismatic dude, but I don’t know if his help defense skillset can be depended on for a defensive anchor center (though I recognize he may need to be this type of player until Blake gets his shit together on the defensive end) and his contract is for 4 years and dependent on his improvement as a player. I wish the Clippers had kept Camby around longer if just so he could mentor DJ or at least get him a big-man coach.

  2. It seems like he’s been trying to develop something new this year. Whenever he goes for a block, he immediately comes over the top with the other arm, as well. You can see it on every block attempt, he basically makes a swimming motion with both arms.

    This is how he ended up with the “double block” on Norris Cole. I believe he is doing it in an attempt to keep the ball inbounds, but I haven’t really seen it work that well yet. Usually the second hand doesn’t make contact, and a few times I think he’s actually knocked it out of bounds with the second hand. I think it’s definitely a conscious decision on his part, though, and will be interesting to see if he gets it worked out.

    Just another example of DeAndre still ‘learning how to block shots’, albeit a really unorthodox one. Has any shot-blocker tried this method before?

  3. cool story bro……………..

  4. It’s good for DeAndre to be thinking about improving the mechanics of his blocks so that they’re more likely to result in a change of possession, but he needs to focus on trying to block shots less often. Savvy players have figured out that he is a good shot blocker, but not a good defender, and is likely to go after every block he can, resulting sometimes in leaving his own man prematurely, other times in his buying into fakes far too easily. As Russell said, you don’t need to block every shot, you just need the offense to think you can. Of course, he isn’t getting a lot of help down there, so it’s hard to blame him for some of these defensive shortcomings.

    I also agree with William — send Marc Gasol to the All-Star game, coaches!

  5. @William
    DeAndre definitely can most definitely get up, if you watch on some of those plays his head is near the rim. At the very least, he can jump much higher than any guy his size, except maybe Dwight Howard.
    I agree with you on the goaltends. You can count on him getting one every game. I’m sure if you watched other shotblockers like him (Howard, McGee) they would get similar calls in their favor.
    Also, I feel like he has improved drastically since last year, and even since earlier this season, on not being wild. Doesn’t go for every fake anymore, and is better at staying home on his man. Still a work in progress, but at least there has been some progress.

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