It’s the 21st century and people live on the Internet, just like Sean Parker predicted. Between blogs, Twitter and 24-hour television sports networks, rumors move at breakneck speed. One second LeBron James is staying with the Cavaliers, the next he’s going to be a Bull, at least until we hear he’s going to Miami. Everyone wants the latest scoop, the juiciest tip, the whatever else that’s going to get you noticed.

Because this is the world we live in, anonymous sources exist. Whether due to the need for anonymity, wanting to sway media coverage or some other unknown reason, lots of insiders refuse to use their real name.

Deron Williams is not a big fan of these anonymous sources, which is exactly what he told the Star-Ledger after being confronted with rumors that he had a “wish list” of teams he wanted to play for.

This was all new to Williams, or so he said.

“Did you hear it from me?” he inquired rhetorically this morning before shootaround.

“I don’t need to talk about it then. It’s another one of these sources. I don’t know who sources are.”

But when his coached walked over towards him, he couldn’t help but jest.

“Did you hear I have a list?” he called out to a nearby Avery Johnson.

Of course Deron Williams doesn’t know who these unknown sources are. That’s the point of anonymous sources. (If he’s looking for more clarification, maybe this video will help.)

But you can understand why he’d be upset. Whether it’s true or not, it must be super frustrating to constantly be confronted with what people are saying you are thinking without you having been the one to say it. It’s like that three-way calling scene from “Mean Girls,” only face-to-face.

Sure, when Deron Williams ends up leaving for one of the teams on his wish list that he hopes Avery Johnson doesn’t know about, those anonymous sources — whoever they are — are going to throw a “Told ya so” party and everyone is invited. But until then, if you guys have any idea who these sources are, please let Deron know. He’s super confused.