On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss: Kevin Love’s on-again, off-again contact extension, the Wizards firing coach Flip Saunders, Marcus Camby’s leadership, ‘Melo’s rough night from the floor, whether Dirk and Duncan will make the All-Star Game, and Tyrone Corbin’s “Coach of the Year” chances. All that, plus Calgary Flames memorabilia, NHL ’94 stories, orange shoes, free chalupas, and much, much more.

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Comments (22)

  1. Watching the day’s TBJ the moment I get home is something I always look forward to. It helps make up for the fact that none of my close friends are harcore bball fans like myself. Thanks for making the best daily basketball podcast out there, guys!

    • +1: same here! lack of bball bros. if you ever stop making the basketball jones (god forbid) it will feel as if a bunch of really good friends of mine had died in a planecrash. or something of the sorts. so um yeah don’t die please

  2. Lanny McDonald = Tas’ idealized version of Santa Claus

  3. Finally made the BIG monitor. I thought Skeets would have gone with Marc Jackson for his answer…

  4. Important orange information with regards to the color orange: http://www.dutchamsterdam.nl/321-why-the-dutch-wear-orange

  5. Cassell would be good for the coaching job of the Wiz. The players would respect him. Would probably be the best ballin coach too. Skiles can probably still nail some threes. What about assistants? Brian Shaw for the Pacers, Thunder Dan for the Suns, and Bobby Jackson for the Kings. Bobby is on the court shooting before every home game. Ewing is sorta a coach too.

    What about Doug Collins for COY? Pretty amazing turnaround there.

  6. This should go without saying, but I want to say it anyways, and is especially true after listening to ESPNs piece of shit podcast with the robot Mike Yam and down syndrom-ed Chris Broussard:

    I love listening to you guys talk hoops everyday. You are so fucking hilarious, well spoken, and ethical in your approach to sports media that it blows my mind on a daily basis. I remember the excitement I got the first time you played one of my calls, as an undergrad 6 years ago (BEST CENTERS…FUCK YEAH).

    I’ve been listening/watching constantly ever since, but have rarely taken the time to thank you. Fucking great work, guys. I’m jealous of your talent, passion, and opportunity.

    And fuck Chris Broussard, Mike Yam, Ryen Russilo and Tim Legler (obviously Henry Abbott is great). Thanks.

  7. In terms of firing Saunders and deciding who to replace them the Wizard’s big wigs should do the EXACT same thing that the Nets management did to Kiki Vandeweghe when they were going through their 12-70 season. “Kiki, you’re going to put together a god awful squad and then fire the coach? Well guess what, asshole, now you’re going to coach this group of idiots. Good luck. Oh and by the way, you’ll be fired in a couple of months during a press conference without your knowledge by an awesome Russian dude. Have fun!”

  8. What’s the name of the song you guys played during the break? Not the Andrea vid, but the mid-show logo scene where Skeets is spinning Tas on his ass.

  9. can you guys up the volume on the videos a bit? it seems a little quiet (and no, its not my speakers. i’ve tried headphones and other computers)

  10. Wizards should clone Rick Adelman…

  11. I’d take Monty Williams head to head with any NBA coach. 6’8 and used to run with the Blazers as an assistant.

  12. What happened to Steppin on the Beach?!?!

  13. Wizards should ask if Spurs’ #2 Mike Budenholzer is interested. They need someone who could say, “Guys, this is what it’s like on a winning team.”

  14. how does the betting work? i dont get it. what does the -2.5 and/or -6.5 mean?

  15. Bring back Steppin on the Beach!

  16. It’s pretty clear that Monty Williams is the best athlete of any NBA coach. 6’8 and only 38 years old. Nobody could run with him.

  17. The points start (plus) or handicap (minus) for the team mentioned, kz14. It’s theoretically added or subtracted to the team’s points at the end of the game being predicted, to make betting a bit harder and therefore more profitable for the bookmakers. Now, away you go and remember: bet with your head, not over it, my friend.

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