Ballin: Hey, Tyson Chandler’s alive. 20 points for the third time this season, 17 rebounds (tying a season-high), a block and two assists. He’s the new New York Knicks savior — reclaiming a role he held this summer — until Baron Davis returns. Adjust your tweet jokes accordingly.

Not so much: Carmelo Anthony went 0-7 and set a career-low in points with one, marking just the sixth time he’s been held to five or less. But the Knicks won, so this is OK. New strategy?

Dunk it up, my friends: Alonzo Gee, everybody.

Phil Jackson still has no idea who this is.

Welcome back: Andrea Bargnani played his first game in nearly two weeks, which makes it pretty impressive that he put up a season-high with 36 points and led the Raptors to their first win since January 9. Probably all that pasta.

Speaking of TBJ video bros: Word to Chris Bosh. 35 points on 16 shots and some clutch jumpers in a win. I see you.

Nice feet: Mario Chalmers rocked some Air Jordan 2s last night.

In case you were wondering, Chalms was one year old when these were originally released.

Five-on-five: The Heat drew five charges against the Cavaliers. Samardo Samuels had five dunks against the Heat.

Good news: Byron Mullens shaved his goatee.

Just because: If I didn’t show you guys my alma mater’s insane sports recruiting video, I wouldn’t be doing my alumni duties.

Your life has just been changed. Sorry we blew up the moon. Go Eagles.

FYI: 11 months till Christmas. Better start shopping.

Other things: These first two plays — the Lou Amundson block and the Kyrie Irving drive — are really great … Make sure you enunciate when you’re interviewing athletes … Did anyone else see Omri Casspi throw an alley-oop to no one last night? Trust me, it happened … D.J. Augustin is going to miss four games with a foot injury, Damion Jones is going to miss the rest of the season with a foot injury … Here’s Kevin Love in a cryogenic chamber, looking like the guy from Gogol Bordello