Today’s live episode of “The Fix” is actually The Basketball Jones’ Q1 Quarterly Report. What does that mean? Well, with the NBA season a quarter complete, business Skeets and Tas tell you which teams’ stocks are overvalued, which teams you should invest in now, and which NBA players are can’t-miss Blue Chippers. All that, plus an insane “Mad Money”-like lightning round, as well as “Wanker of the Week.”

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Comments (38)

  1. That ticker with Supersonics 0.000 win percentage was harsh. Lol

  2. As a Celtics fan, I’d just like to thank Tas for his most recent prediction that the team is done. If history is any indication, they’ll now make the finals. Were they an actual stock I’d be buying like mad.

  3. Love how the Monstars have the best record in the league

  4. i liked the lightning round! love the show… keep it coming..

  5. I have a really hard time seeing anyone other than OKC coming out of the West but I really think it could be either Miami, Chicago or Orlando (if they get hot) in the East

  6. No Rondo tonight for the Celtics tonight, gamblers. Slightly worried about that bet now.

  7. “I want a dad who can BEAT me! What?”

  8. Nice little quip there about Greek business partners.

  9. How many takes did it get for you both to time that Dual-Copier action on the opening video?

  10. “I want a dad who can BEAT me! What?”


    You caught that too? Ha

  11. Good show guys, please make the lightning round a weekly feature. It was a good laugh to watch you struggle through that shit.

  12. this was a great segment – definitely bring in Qs 2 and 3! at least, bring back the opening.

  13. Hello, Renee :) I like JD and all, but I’m all for getting beautiful girls telling me I could be next…

  14. You can tell Tas doesn’t like this segment. Am I right? I too think it’s a little weak. Skeets seems to get excited for it, however. But then again, Skeets is definitely less cool than your boy Tas.

    • That’s OK. I’m used to carrying the show anyway.

      • I didn’t mean to come off so harsh. Skeets, you’re only less cool of a very cool tandom. My apologies for being one of those guys who just talks shit through the internet. TBJ really is an impressive juggernaut. Keep up the good work in the face of those who can’t talk the talk or walk the walk.

  15. My only question after watching this is who did Matty O take the #1 fart ranking from?

  16. And more Renee is always a good thing

  17. Renee, fuck yeah.

  18. ‘Mike Bibby is a Dick’
    Had to pause the video till my laughter died down

    • DId’nt even catch it… I guess said it so much my brain has gotten used to it and I don’t even hear it anymore

      • They didn’t say it, it was one of the things on the ticker at the bottom during the first half of the show.

  19. Loved the lightning round…highlight of the show today.

  20. I think “get that oil” would’ve been more appropriate than “oil, oil, oil” for the ticker.

  21. Best live show episode yet. The lighting round was awesome too, Skeets looked hella excited for it.

  22. Thank God the ticker stopped. I was mentally preparing myself to watch the show twice.

    Nice work on the Bibby zing. What a dick.

  23. Skeets punishment for losing the bookoff should just be having to do more lightening rounds. Yikes.

  24. It’s Toon Squad, not Tune Squad, but that’s okay because they cheated by having humans on the team.

  25. “I’ll give you some Jazz”

    Lightning round, does it get any better? Also, I’d like to get an elaboration on who the other castmembers of the TMNT musical. Westbrook? Z-Bo?

  26. Hi Skeets, why exactly do you hate Bibby?

  27. I’m not sure why you guys feel you have to trumpet teams like the Knicks and Celtics every show, it’s possible that they just aren’t going to be very good based on the freakish set of circumstances created by the compressed 66-game schedule.

  28. Man, what was up with that douche at the end of the lightning round who seemed to be asking for real financial investment advice? Skeets was great in the lightning round! Loved this episode!

  29. Skeets’ energy in the lightning round was border-line terrifying. I understand where the parody is coming from but it was still also a little scary. Also hilarious

  30. ep #748 = 748% better than any other nba blog podcast / vlog / actually produced tv show (which right now includes tnt with shaq o’mumbles)

  31. Any chance you guys sell WhoaBoy! Trading card sets? I’ll get into that. Oh, and more Ranee please

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