Ballin: Games like this make you realize why the Nets traded so many pieces to get Deron Williams. 34 points and 11 assists is really great, but those huge shots at the end of regulation were even better. Fun to watch.

Not so much: Toney Douglas’ went 3-12 and scored eight points, which is bad action. Worse action is the little floater he shot with about two minutes left, and even worse action is the turnover with 1:23 left. Come save New York, Baron Davis.

Who is soft?: Ron Artest and Reggie Evans seem to have a disagreement about who is soft.

Trick question — neither of them. If you disagree, you go fight them.

Also ballin: Stephen Curry showed that it if he has two ankles, he can be a great basketball player. 32 points on 12-19 shooting, six threes, seven assists, four steals and just one turnover. Thank you ankle gods.

Also not so much: Kemba Walker went 4-15 in the first half, then followed that up by going 0-4 in the second. Not sure which is worse — shooting a ton and missing most or barely shooting and missing all. Fun case study.

Ain’t too much changed: The Wizards have a new coach and got a win last night, but they’re still the Wizards.

If you can’t giggle at your own teammates for getting a dunk blocked during a terrible season, what can you laugh at?

Too far: Look, I’ve been on board with this Brian Scalabrine is a legit basketball player movement that’s been happening the past week. But last night, seeing Derrick Rose kick the ball out to Scal for a three that could have won the game was a little too much. He hasn’t made a three since April of 2010, so maybe Rose should have just went up, got an MVP foul call, made a couple free throws and tried to win the game in overtime.

Silliness: This right here is ridiculous in a good way.

I really like that you could tell LeBron was planning this, since he was turning sideways as the play was unfolding. Still pretty incredible even though that part gives this that classic LeBron air of nothing can be totally cool when he’s involved.

More LeBron: Bron-Bron wore a royal blue FIT Week headband throughout the first half of last night’s game. No big deal, except for the Heat were playing the Pistons who feature royal blue as one of their main colors. He switched to black at halftime.

So close: The Pistons looked like a real NBA team there during their fourth quarter comeback against the Heat. Too bad the clock struck midnight and Austin Daye’s jumper re-disappeared.

Weird stats: The Bucks made more threes than free throws for the first time this season. Ronnie Brewer had his first 20-10 game of his career. Paul George shrunk six inches last night. One of these things is false.

Other things: Another great call on this Anderson Varejao dunk … Did you catch Chris Bosh singing along to “Enter Sandman?” Never would have pegged him as a Metallica fan … Nice to see the Mavericks continue to treat J.J. Barea like a baby. It’s a good meme … Speaking of the Mavericks, these championship rings are OK. I wouldn’t wear them, but that’s only because I have dainty fingers … Someone needs to upload video of that non-block Kenneth Faried had. The one after a foul where he had to duck under the backboard. You know the one