Once upon a time, the Washington Wizards were the worst team in the league — possibly the worst of all-time — and basically just served as a human meme factory for blogs seeking hilarious content. It was the best of times, unless you were a Wizards fan, and then it was the worst of times.

It’s a new day in the nation’s capitol. Randy Wittman is the new coach, undefeated in his tenure as Wizards as head honcho and is boasting a 17-point margin of victory in his one-game reign. Things are off to a great start.

According to Wittman, the Wizdawgs still need to break some old habits if they want to not be terrible. And it’s not going to be easy. From the DC Sports Bog:

“You know, it’s like any bad habit we have, all right? If you’re a smoker, you ain’t gonna drop those cigarettes the first day, all right? I’ve got to help them kick some of these bad habits that we’re into. That’s all it is. We’ve fallen into playing a way that is not conducive for us to win. So when I see them pull out a cigarette, I’ve got to take it out of their mouth. All right? That’s basically what I’m trying to do.

This is a perfect analogy. Learning to play team basketball can be very hard, and if you’ve ever known someone who is trying to stop smoking, then you know that’s really tough too. A lot of times it doesn’t take the first time and people relapse. It’s a serious challenge and we need to be there to support the people we care about so much.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’m talking hoops or nicotine any more. All I know is that it sounds like the Wizards need to get some ill-advised jumpshots gum and one-on-one patches if they’re still going to get their fix of bad basketball. Quitting cold turkey is almost impossible.