Exhibit A — Shaq Rocks Undies on National Television
Apparently, Shaq thinks stripping down to your underwear is the funniest thing ever. He did the pink bikini thing on “Shaq Vs.,” he tried to get Charles Barkley to do the same, and then he tucked his dress shirt in to boxer briefs and aimlessly walked around the “Inside the NBA” studio. I am not sure why he loves doing this so much, but I only wore Underoos and galoshes when I was four years old, so I understand where he’s coming from.

Exhibit B — Doc Clarifies His Profession
Everything about this makes me laugh. I really like how it seems like Doc is checking on Jameer Nelson is just a setup so he can make his classic “I’m not a real doctor, I’m just Doc Rivers” joke. Then, just to make sure everyone got it, he makes sure Glen Davis tells everybody. Too funny.

You can probably tell where my vote’s going, but maybe you love the sight gag of a giant man wearing a dress shirt tucked in to boxer briefs. To each their own. Just let us know what you think in the comments.