Ballin: Paul Pierce went for 24, 10 and six. Blake Griffin went for 20, nine and eight. Cool.

Not so much: Things looked pretty good for the Magic when they were scoring more points in the first half than they did in their last game with the Celtics. But then they played the second half and proceeded to blow their 21-point halftime lead in about 15 minutes of game time. Plus, they only scored eight points in the fourth quarter. Nice work, gentlemen.

That’s far: Rudy Gay has crazy range (“crange”).

It’s no Lorenzo Brown, but still pretty far.

Bad stats: The Magic went a combined 2-17 in the fourth quarter last night, meaning they would have actually been better having Dwight Howard shoot free throws to try to score points.

Those unis: How about that Tams vs. Stars game last night? So good.

I like ‘em both. The Clippers just look good from head to toe, with the shorts being particularly great. The Grizzlies just look hilarious, like an eighth grade team where you wear the same shorts to every game but change jerseys depending on if you’re home or away. Nice to see them commit to the look. If only they’d worn the authentic warmups like back in the day.

Damning evidence: The Clippers sure do fall a lot.

I’m not sure all of these are “flops,” as the video purports. But it is pretty funny to see these guys falling any time they get touched. So soccer-y.

Other things: Kenneth Faried’s is better, but Blake Griffin had a great non-block last night … Just look at Stephen Jackson’s Twitter avatar … Oh hi, Vlade Divac … Andrew Bogut is out indefinitely with a broken ankle, which is really bad news for JD’s fantasy team … Kevin Durant has a terrifying jump shot

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  1. I agree about the unis. Don’t really understand why the internet is so keen to crap on them. And the Miami ones from a couple of days ago were great too. Anything to break away from the standard ones really.

    • I agree with your comments about the unis but am I the only one that immediately thought it looked like the Harlem Globetrotters were playing the Washington Generals?

  2. Trey, how can you talk about the non-block and not include Deandre Jordan’s huge goaltending-block? That was a ridiculous non-call. Was an insanely athletic move though.

  3. This one is pretty far also:

  4. Some of the nicknames on the flop video are great. “Floppy Randy” has to be my personal favorite.

  5. I can’t believe the magic blew that lead! maybe the Celtics are not as old and useless as I thought, winning in Orlando without Ray Allen and Rondo is damn impressive. Celtics have shown tremendous grit and character in this win and whoever was counting them out (me included) was proven wrong last night.

  6. The Clippers flopping is absolutely horrible. The NBA needs to inform the refs so they stop falling for that bullshit. It looks terrible.

  7. Actually, John Hollinger pointed out after the GS-ORL game that Dwight Howard shooting free-throws every time down the court would actually give Orlando the most efficient in NBA history.

    I know that’s not really what you meant with the 2-7 4th quater comment, but I wanted an excuse to bust out that dank-ass stat.

    Also, Howard’s shooting over 10 points below his career FT% this year, so Hollinger may need to reassess at some point.

    The article I speak of:

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