I’m a little unclear on one thing — was the Celtics’ comeback win over the Magic a bar fight? Just let me know.

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  1. Trey: You look good, dog.

  2. damn… he sounds high..

  3. I like KG a little more after that interview….not going to lie!

  4. I’d pay to see Craig Sager in a bar fight.

  5. “Tonight was a bar fight man”, is now the new “we talking about practice man”

  6. He just covered everything. Bar fights, coaching, Ray’s new baby, telling his daughter to go to bed, and style. BAM!

  7. Something is wrong if a 35-year old father helps his basketball team come back from a 27-point deficit and all he can come up with is a fist fight analogy.

  8. “you ever been in a barfight? ask charles! hes been in a barfight!” bwahahaha. I guess if you’re in a barfight and hedo, r.anderson and reddick are the ones backing you up its time to run.

    • real talk!! if these Orlando guys back u in a barfight, then u gotta run. even big baby couldnt fight!!

  9. Imagine if he and Metta World Peace started a conversation together, that would be Hall of Fame material right there. I would pay to see them in some sort of political debate or something. Easily more viewers than any “election 2012″ bullcrap.

  10. KG is a legend. One of the greatest players ever. Straight from high school and now carrying Bill Russell’s torch as an unselfish shot-blocker and rebounder. With that comes raw guts which he spills, occasionally, during post bar fight interviews. I love the guy.

  11. Anythings possible!!!!!!!

  12. KG entered into the joy of overcoming…Sweet win to be sure.

  13. KG is an absolute beast! Love this guy, from his never ending energy and grit to his unbelievable talent. This dude does it all! Oh and “Go to bed boo boo” Hahah

  14. Just give KG a break. There are few guys in the NBA who can match words and action like him. Whether its dog fig or bar fight…..its a great win.

  15. KG needs to go back to school or get a tutor or … he’s a very good example of the sports athlete millionaire-dunce

  16. Take it easy Art! The man was just enthusiastic. Have you ever been in a bar fight?

  17. Garnett be crazy! The NBA needs more KG or AI. Too many people playing by the rules. Haha.

    • EXACTLY what I was thinking during this. Best post-game interview I’ve seen in a long time.

  18. How many people did KG hit in the nuts that night? He’s an idiot.

  19. I think people need to listen to what he said, “a Ball Fight” not “Bar Fight”


  20. one word sterotype. Last word WOW……..

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