On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas take you through their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Rodrigue Beaubois and the Dallas Mavericks, Tiago Splitter, Pop riding his bench, inevitable “Rookie of the Year” Kyrie Irving, and the wild Bulls-Heat game. On the shit list: LeBron’s glistening beard, the struggling Orlando Magic, and the three-point gunnin’ Knicks. All that, plus pancakes, the Pro Bowl, manscaping, and Trey’s “Nower Rankings.”

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Comments (14)

  1. I back linking the Bargs All Star anthem to everything.

  2. Melo and Tyson for Dwight and Hedo?

    that would be a great trade just for the overall size of money bags they’d be moving

  3. Skeets, take my celtics tomorrow for the book-off/pay-off. They’re gonna destroy the cavs after the last game and with rondo back.

  4. hey skeets, take back the OKC pick! pick someone else! my boys gotta win tonight! haha much love to you guys

  5. Hold up, hold up, hold up. Vexed message? Nice.

  6. You guys need some colour up in that studio.

  7. You killed the Whoa Boy, Skeets. Isn’t that supposed to be your second most enthusiastic word(s) (after “atrocious”)?

  8. I wouldn’t count out Rubio for ROY yet. You can’t really point to the Cav’s improvement as as a selling point because the Wolves are a mirror image. The only notable additions these 2 teams made were to add a couple of lottery rookies. Derek Williams and Tristan Thompson are clearly not the difference makers here, so you gotta give credit to Kyrie and Ricky. However, Minny has actually taken a bigger step forward this year when you look at winning percentage (so far).

    Also, you referenced blowouts as a sign of a good team/team leader. The Wolves have only 3 loses by over 10 pts and 0 loses by more than 15 pts. Cleveland has 4 loses by more than 10 pts. with 3 of those being bigtime blowouts by over 15 pts.

    Most importantly, perhaps, Cleveland plays in the Eastern Conference.

    P.S. I’m not saying that Kyrie isn’t the better player right now. I’m saying, don’t start handing out the award yet.

    • Agree that Rubio is not out of the ROY run yet. We have to see what happens when they hit the rookie wall (how long, how bad, etc).

      But I think the improvement of Minny comes also from Love and you can’t make the same case for Cleveland.

  9. Some questions:

    What are the chances that Kyrie and RIcky BOTH get ROY? (Rubio just has to shoot better, right)

    And why don’t the Magic trade Jameer? He hasn’t been playing well at all

    • Problem is for who could they trade Jameer ? No PG is available and you’d have to find a team willing to take slumping Jameer….

  10. LeBron James’ beard is ridiculous and needs to go! No mention of the facial hair on Boozer? It looked like he colored that thing in with a pack of Sharpies.
    Manscapping Yo Beard:
    If you spend more time on sculpting your beard then you do brushing yo teeth, your Manscapping Yo Beard too much!
    If your barber incorporates the line up of your hair to yo beard, your Manscapping Yo Beard too much!
    Thumbs Up on NBA Beards: Harden, Love
    Thumbs Down on NBA Beards: James, Wade, Boozer, Stevenson, Birdman

  11. Roddy Buckets, did you guys come up with that one?

  12. On the thank you segment you could really see how much you enjoy the pun gun game. And it’s cool ’cause it’s so TBJ : a bunch of bro’s having fun talking about ball :-))

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