Thanks for reading The Dunk Jones today, where we’ve been talking about slammajammas all day. Now that it’s afternoon time, you might be thinking, “Let’s relax and not talk about dunks so much. I need chill out time.”

Well, that’s too bad. No chill out non-dunk time here at The Dunk Jones. We’re talking dunks because that’s the name of the site (not really).

Next on the list — the Chicago Bulls, who had some fun with John Lucas after LeBron James jumped over him. From SB Nation:

“I’m 5-foot-11. What they want me to do — jump with him?” Lucas said. “That’s crazy talk.”

Unfortunately that doesn’t make teammate Brian Scalabrine’s impression of the dunk any less terrific. [...]

“It was very impressive. Wouldn’t you say, Scal?” Lucas said.

*Scalabrine gets down on all fours*

“Hey, LeBron,” Scalabrine said, impersonating Lucas. “Need a boost?!”

As far as I can tell, there are three ways to deal with getting dunked on. You can ignore it and let people have their fun with it. You can do what Kendrick Perkins did and slough it off with an “It happens.” Or you can do what John Lucas did and joke around. Personally, that’s my favorite choice but I’m also bad at taking anything seriously. It’s something I’m working on.

Just joking (of course), but this is pretty great. I’d really love to see a video reenactment of the LeBron dunk with some Bull — probably C.J. Watson — using Brian Scalabrine as a ladder to dunk over John Lucas. That’d go viral in a second, plus it’d show Lucas is in on the joke, which is a vintage Don Draper strategy. Sometimes you have to change the narrative.