Ep. 751: The Dunk

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Blake Griffin’s ridiculous dunk on poor Kendrick Perkins. Was it better than the one on Mozgov? Was it better than “The Assassination of John Lucas III?” And how great was the post-dunk Twitter explosion? Oh, yeah, we also get into the Clippers’ three-point shooting, the James Harden starting experiment, Kawhi Leonard’s hustle, the Sixers’ D, Batum’s injury, and whether Gerald Wallace is worth a long-term contract. All that, plus a solid round of Crossfire, which includes Chris Kaman trade possibilities, Dwight’s comments, and our favorite NBA dunk of all-time. (Let’s hear yours below.)

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Comments (30)

  1. How does Griffin get away with pushing off on all his dunks

    • I also noticed that Blake uses his second hand to move away the hands of the defender and get easier way to score. Other players do it quiet often too, so I think that referees don’t call this rule often, or just in the cases that it is more obvious foul.

  2. Shortest torso, shortest legs–smallest player in NBA?

    Could have a bad ass high top fade..

  3. f%^%$ David stern

  4. David Stern did a great job for the league. Instead of the dominating Lakers team we got struggling Lakers and Mike Brown who tries to overcome their weaknesses and rising Clippers. Two topics that will be interesting for the fans. It would be amazing to see a playoff series between two Los Angeles teams.

    Griffin dunk was surely great, but the top of all-time? I doubt it. LeBron dunk hasn’t amazed me because he jumped over who? John Lucas III? He’s 5-11 tall, the same as Ty Lawson, and an inch lower than JJ Barea. Jumping over Nate Robinson would be as phenomenal? And when LeBron came Lucas even hide his head, so it wasn’t that hide. It wasn’t Vince Carter at the Olympics.

    • Griffin’s dunk was not he greatest of all time but it certainly was better than Lebron’s as Lucas was merely an extra in Lebron’s dunk. He did not know he was in the play. Perkins did everything he could be for succumbing to humiliation. If you want to talk all sports, hit up my blog at murrayknowsbest@wordpress.com

  5. I think Griffin had to push off in this case b/c he was pretty much being undercut. I do notice when people push off on dunks, which is why I’m not a big fan of the famous Wade over Varejao. Varejao actually challenged, but Wade used his off-hand.

    Anyway, other dunks are better…J.R. Smith’s last year, some Vince…but the one I think of is Shaq on the Magic where he tore down the hoop. The key part of watching that replay is that Shaq starts jogging then walking away from the hoop as it’s coming down, and DOESN’T EVEN LOOK BACK to see it finished! It’s like a movie where a hero walks away while something explodes behind him.

  6. My favorite dunk of all time has to be Kobe on Dwight

    1) it’s Dwight Howard!
    2) Kobe teabags him
    3) Dwight yells “he dunked the shit out of me man” afterwards


  7. blakes dunks < Shawn "The Reign Man" Kemp's dunks. fact.

  8. Back in the day I couldn’t bite a chunk off my sandwich without missing something important that was said on the show. Nowadays I can hit “play”, go take a dump, and when I return you still haven’t started talking about the actual games.

    Can’t you go back to the 15-20 minutes format? You’re dragging out the show by watering down the quality…

    My 2 cents.

  9. I’m gonna be a homer with my favorite dunk pick, but I don’t care:

    Baron Davis on AK47. At the height of the We Believe Era Warriors, down to the Jazz in the 2nd round playoff series, Baron Davis takes OVER the game, adding that massive slam as an exclamation point. Of course, fan reaction also added a lot to the energy of that dunk

  10. I had to check out the Vince Olympics dunk again…


    I work with the guy who was reffing that game and he was getting ready to call a charge because he assumed that Vince was going to cannon into Weis. I’m glad he swallowed the whistle.

  11. John Starks – “the Dunk”

  12. Greatest NBA dunk of all time? Guys, the MJ-over-Ewing choice is a good one, as is Wade-over-Verajao. However, IMO, it has got to be Scotty Pippen over Patrick Ewing in the Eastern Conference Semis in ’94.


  13. It’s the Empire Strikes Back of Dunks.

  14. Nate Robinson is the shortest player and Skeets had right, Lawson is shorter that JJ.

  15. my favorite would have to be shawn kemp on the city of oakland, followed by the celebratory jeers while alston lister (who?) sits obediently on the floor

  16. Lou Williams doesn’t average 17 per game, he has dropped down to 15 per. Small Tas error.

  17. any dunk that involves bill walton getting facialized

  18. Wouldn’t usually chime in on such a trivial topic, but I think it’s a little inconsiderate to rate Blake’s in game dunks higher than The Reignman’s. Between he and Nique, there may never be a more devastating in-game dunker. Blake is an absolute physical specimen – arguably the most freakish at the 4 spot ever – but his dunks are great mainly due to his outstanding leaping ability. Kemp absorbed a ton of contact when he threw down during the physical-friendly 90′s. He was doing things 20 years ago that today’s fans salivate over. Chris Gatling knows.


  19. Why can’t TBJ have live video on the TV behind Tas and Skeets to illuminate some of their points? (Blake dunk, Thunder bench non-reaction)

    • i think they legally can’t because they don’t have an agreement with the NBA over showing game footage.

    • We’d love for that to happen, Kate. The problem is we don’t have international rights to NBA footage. Don’t wanna break the rules. Hopefully, one day, we do have the international rights (The Score does have the rights in Canada).

  20. sssssssssssssssssssssssssss good bj

  21. Watch Hangover 2 Skeets you little bitch. I’m a Lakers fan, and in hindsight I don’t mind it. As an Angelino, I become more spoiled with an awesome Clips team orchestrated by Paul with open shooters/alley-oopers. Kobe needs the ball in his hands anyway, so we need like an Iggy-type player.

  22. Here’s another vote for 15-20 minute shows.

    (Homers can shove it! Critisism/open discussion is what made this show great!)

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