Back by popular demand, The Jones re-send Australian correspondent, Leigh Ellis, into the locker room to confuse NBA players with his accent. Leigh’s mission this round: To find out what the guys are cookin’ up for the Super Bowl this Sunday. What’s the most popular dish of choice? Does anyone even know how to cook? And, um, what the hell did Blazers forward Nicolas Batum just say? Enjoy the video, and enjoy The Big Game.

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Comments (9)

  1. This is amazing. More of this please.

  2. Shawne Williams!

  3. Leigh is the Australian Cabbie now!

  4. of course the one french dude is gonna cook something special :D geez that’s almost too cliché to be true :D

  5. pardon my french, but batum est sophistiqué!

  6. Seriously, he is a parody of Frenchness. Good to see some things are exactly how you expect them to be.

  7. I’m French, and Duck + Apples are awesome!

  8. They should get their wives and girlfriends to make some of these dishes from NFL players.

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