Ballin: Derrick Rose told reporters in pregame that he was “going to try and go crazy,” then he went out and went crazy. 35 points on 10-20 shooting, 14-15 on free throws, eight assists, two steals and three blocks. Five turnovers too, but let’s chalk that up to the Wizards accidentally rubbing off on him.

Not so much: Orlando is the worst. 42 points through three quarters, which is what the Minnesota Timberwolves scored in the third quarter alone. The 76ers weren’t much better, but they’re not the ones with a whiny big man.

This was weird: Watching this sequence last night, I couldn’t tell what was real and what was a replay.

I was trying to get stuff organized today and every time I looked up, somebody on the Clippers was making a three. Your first inclination is not to say, “Oh, they just made four straight threes with the Thunder taking only one shot,” but that’s exactly what happened. Kind of hilarious the Clippers ended up winning by 12 points.

This sucked: Down by two, ball in his hands, Nicolas Batum drives to the basket. Because he’s a Trail Blazer and they cannot escape knee injuries, he tweaks his knee and turns the ball over to drop a game Portland probably should have won. Batum said he “[didn't] think it will be too bad,” but that’s not how he was acting when it happened. Not cool.

Bad stats: John Wall had four or more turnovers for the 16th time in 21 games. Last season, he did that in 39 of 64 games, so he’s on pace to break that personal record. Maybe he should slow down a little bit.

Eye on the ball: Watch out, Kevin Love.

Worst part is the Rockets get the ball back. Well, the worst part is the nut shot, but the other worst part is the out of bounds call.

Oh hi: Michael Beasley, you guys. 34 points on 10-15 shooting, leading the Timberwolves to the fifth road win this year, which is exactly the number they’ve had in each of the past two seasons. I’m OK with the Timberwolves being good, but if we’re living in a world where Michael Beasley is an efficient scorer who makes teams better, then I’m not sure what’s going on.

This move: LeBron James doing his best Ricky Rubio.

Feel free to watch that entire highlight pack because it’s incredible. Nice job of being awesome last night, NBA.

Other things: Lots of great blocks last night. Gerald Wallace turned one back, then Gordon Hayward did the same (not on YouTube though) … Also some great missed dunks, coming from Russell Westbrook and Rodrigue Beaubois, though the second one isn’t online … Even NBA players loved Blake Griffin’s dunk … Here’s one of the worst jerseys you’ll ever see … Big Baby dove in the crowd again. We need to stop pressing our luck