You’ve seen both of these dunks a billion times already, but when you watch them side-by-side it’s almost eerie how similar Blake Griffin’s dunks over Timofey Mozgov and Kendrick Perkins are. Just for the sake of everyone’s confidence, Clippers opponents should probably mention that side pick-and-roll in the scouting report. Bad things happen if you skip over that page.

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  1. He got at least two inches higher against Perk, but that might be with a boost. Still, EVEN HIGHER

  2. i love the way he puts his hand on their face to add insult to injury. maybe he could poke some eyes to add to the flare.

  3. And this time, he even touched the rim if only with the tips of to fingers. That’s a monster thrunk.

  4. The Perk dunk was a bit better… he had the ball back in his hands before he landed! unreal. This dunk made people forget about LBJ jumping over someone’s head in the game… smh

  5. This is just mean. . . have some respect for Perkins ancestors. . .

  6. this dunk > that mozgov dunk imo

    first perk is a better defender then the moz.
    second, perk actually tried to defend, or at least foul blake to prevent the dunk, moz just stood there and did nothing at all..
    third, the way blake contorts his body from going up with his left shoulder to finishing with his right hand is just unhuman…

    and people talking about lbj┬┤s dunk… come on… whats more impressive: jumping over some tiny guy named john lucas the 3rd or jumping over, into and through a mountain like perkins?

  7. The one on Perkins was a better dunk because it was a dunk.

  8. Perkins’ life just flashed before his very eyes.

  9. Some guys got this season a quick technical by starring down a guy longer than a second. Blakes dunk is like pissing on perks grave – just a humiliation

  10. Perk dunk by a mile (he actually caught some rim in the dunk). Plus the bigger “Oh me, oh my” is better too.

    What’s more impressive is how much DeAndre Jordan loves dunking. He reaction is basically the same both times, he just went for the bear hug this time around.

    LeBron DID jump over a dude.

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