On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Grizzlies’ grit and grind OT win, Rudy Gay’s game-saving block, the yawn-tastic Memphis announcers, All-Star role player Anderson Varejao, Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall, and the Pacers slick ABA throwback jerseys. All that, plus our dream NBA Dunk Contest participants, Ross Mathews’ insane voice, Trey’s “A-YO,” and new Royal Rumble contestant, JD.

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Comments (36)

  1. uh-oh tas, marital trouble at home or where does that quote come from (hang on – you got married? congrats man!)
    keepin ayo +1

    also loved the ayo puns

  2. you guys should purchase tbj.com. i always go to it first as i’m an idiot.

  3. the pacers fans must owe SOMEONE money!!! LOL


    Dont mess with the A-Yo…

  4. ps for some reason i’m not on the kyrie bandwagon… just got a feeling that he’s not for real. don’t know where that comes from.
    hmmmm come to think about it: teams built around / with good shoot-first point guards tend to not win titles – think about it! i can only come up with kinda-shoot-first title-winning point guards chauncey billups and isiah thomas but their teams were rather built as a whole and not specifically around them, and tony parker, but he plays on a super unselfish team… well whatever. kyrie’s a good player, but i think tricky ricky will have the better career (he’s like a stereotypically white version of rajon rondo already and will only get better)

    • I blanket disagree with this

      • …well the shoot first-point guard thing is not really sth you can disagree with, but it can (and hopefully will) change in the future of course^^ and about the ricky / kyrie thing, well, we’ll see in 5 years :D can’t wait to see how those guys pan out. i kinda really like the current set of rookies as a whole. likeable class all in all. and i’m not saying kyrie is gonna be a bust. just not sure about his star potential… i’m thinking brandon jennings (which isn’t shabby either of course). with rubio, i dunno. he blows my mind. i’m thinking kidd but like i said – can’t wait to see what’s in store for those guys!

  5. S H I R T S ! ! !

  6. JD, or Peter Jackson?

  7. Paul George & Terrico White need to be in the dunk contest

  8. Paul George and Jeremy Evans both really should be in the dunk contest this year.

  9. I’m glad someone else commented on the commentating. I kept flipping from the game because I couldn’t stand it. So boring.

  10. A “.de” e-mail address would be german, Tas!

    • For the record, Tas: I didn’t send from a “.de e-mail”. Don’t know where you got that from.

      • A lot of misinformation bouncing around today. Thought you were from Denmark where the .de email addresses apparently do not reside. My apologies, Anders.

        Now, let’s rectify these issues. First, Alexis, what do the Danish have, .dk? Anders, I see you sent your email from a gmail account. I won’t even ask you Norway’s email extension, ’cause you’re way more advanced than that.

        • It’s alright! And we’re not that advanced here, Norway’s email extention is simply “.no”. And yes, Denmark is “.dk.”… Never thought I would be sitting here discussing email extentions, by the way. But always happy to be helping!

  11. Are those the same announcers?

    Watching the local transmissions all the time, I think the ones who’d shown more respect and knowledge about the other team were the Utah announcers.

    And as a Nuggets fan, I don’t feel comfortable at all not having a go-to guy. I try not to panic and to believe that Gallo will be that guy.
    I have to admit it was a little bit painful watching the the Nuggets vs Knicks game. Carmelo was terrible, but made the big shot. Everything bad and good about him, the only time I miss him is when we need a big shot.
    I can only hope the Nuggets will make a better job not to need a big shot.

  12. No love for JaVale McGee in the dunk contest? Didn’t he do enough last year to merit a rematch?

  13. Have the TBJ office “fart power rankings” changed now that there are a couple of babes in there?

  14. Skeets was so excited that the Knicks won but Tas shot him down, that was great. Maybe they can still win the title.

    Also, glad Ayo is staying, Trey is TBJ.

  15. Renee is pretty.

  16. If Skeets gets more sick will Trey sub in?

  17. Of the healthy candidates regularly playing C, only McGee, Monroe (more a PF) and Noah are at least as good as Andy. He has to have a shot with the coaches. Stern likes to throw in international injury replacements, too.

    • Whoa Whoa Whoa!

      Tyson Chandler? I mean the Knicks have had an awful start this year, but Tyson has been in beast mode regardless. He’s pretty much the only Knick playing competent basketball right now, and his role is expanding.

  18. Skeets–I know where you’re coming from with the Nuggets, but why do you think they HAVE to have one go-to guy? I agree with Tas. The Nuggets remind me a bit like the ’04 Pistons–whoever has it going, that’s the guy who takes that shot. I don’t think, up ’till that playoff run in ’04, you could really tag Billups as a super-clutch go-to guy in the 4th. And I seem to recall Prince, Sheed, Rip and Billups all hitting big shots or leading comebacks all through the years of those Piston teams.

  19. I mention my old high school jersey on the show the show today, and boom! @hollebrad finds a photo and tweets it: http://yfrog.com/g0ix7onj (I’m #40).

  20. Just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy the podcasts this season. I’ve been watching since about episode 450 irregularly, but now i watch it every day and it gets better and better. And I’m not even really a basketball fan.
    Do you know someone who does something similar, but with football?

  21. Does anyone know the name of the song they were playing at the 21.47 mark? I can’t find it anywhere. =(

  22. Just watched Ross Matthews.

    Now I’m a little freaked out.

  23. I always like seeing Renee Paquette any chance I get, but what I liked even more was during the “Thank You” segment, as Renee was doing her “You could be next” line, I notice Trey in the back leaning in his chair, rubbing his goatee, looking like a bawss! Lol, don’t know if that was intentional or accidental, but it was great nonetheless. Keep up the good work fellas!

    don’t want to see nate robinson though -___-

  25. what is the song after the thank you? this has been bugging me

  26. @haasnan @BBJT2
    Second from the bottom


    I get that a lot. We’re both sexy.

  27. Skeets 8-11 ( 19 total)
    Tas 14-6 (20 total)
    what sought of league is that, you don’t play the same amount of games.

  28. Speaking of Jeremy Evans…
    I believe this was in the pre-season. Too bad it was a charge

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