Any time you see a big man bringing the ball up court in an NBA game without looking terrified, dangerous or awkward, you immediately hear stories about how he was a point guard until he hit a growth spurt. That’s a favorite anecdote announcers go to for Dwight Howard, which seems like a complete lie since he’s so stiff in the post, but whatever. The point is, a lot of tall guys used to be short guys when they were young, and that’s where their ball skills come from.

So it’s only natural that Joakim Noah, one of the best-passing centers in the league, would be asked if he ever thinks about being a point guard. And it’s only natural that Joakim Noah would respond exactly how you’d imagine. From the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson:

Asked by ['s Sam Smith] if he ever fantasizes about playing point guard, Noah said: “I think of women when I think of fantasizing.”

At least he’s honest. Maybe you’d think that a big guy who has to bang hulking post scorers and do the dirty work all game would be interested in the freedom of the perimeter or the chance to run an offense, but nope. Nor is he interested in doughnuts, the ability to fly or hybrid animals like squid-irrels and beaverbirds — just women.

I guess Derrick Rose’s job is safe.