How about that Blake Griffin dunk? You know, the one on Kendrick Perkins. Yeah, that one. You remember it, I’m sure. Only happened a couple days ago and everyone everywhere talked about it all the time. It was pretty cool.

But you know who didn’t like? Here’s a hint — he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and he’s led the league in scoring the past two seasons. From Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman:

KD when asked what kind of appreciation he has for Blake’s dunk on Perk: “I have no appreciation for it at all.”

KD: “It was a layup, I think. He threw the ball in and got fouled and made a free throw. So it’s three points at the end of the day.”

KD admitted he was sticking up for his teammate/team in his response. “If it wasn’t against us, maybe I would have said it was a good play.”

I bet this is pretty much how all the Thunder feel, that it was a stupid play and they hate it, but if it was one of them that it they would think it’s awesome. It’s a very Joakim Noah situation and it’s probably how every team feels when one of their guys gets dunked on.

But that’s still a pretty good ratio of like to non-like. 29 teams of guys love it and go nuts, but 15 dudes are like, “Psssht, whatever.” I’m fine with that the next time I dunk on one of the league’s best defensive centers.

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  1. revenge is gonna be painful

  2. He is pretty damn right. It’s 3 points against his team at the end of the day. So he shouldn’t be impressed at all.

    And I predict a ming-boggling ass whipping the next time they meet in OKC. Don’t rule out a few elbows to Blake’s throat and chin.

    • So people should just gang up on him, right? Why don’t I remember players beating up Dominique or Kemp, for abusing defenders all the time? If you can’t defend it, your bad.

      If you cannot defend a simple pick and roll, it is absolutely your fault you get dunked on every time.

      Remember how Amar’e reacted to the Mosgov dunk? A cool guy nod. KD is better than that. No need to be so bitter.

    • And yeah – players wanted to fight Rodman, Laimbeer, Artest, but it was because they were kinda dirty players and they deserverd it more or less. What did Blake do to deserve the abuse – he jumps higher and is stronger. Deal with it. But as a basketball player, not as a thug in the back alley.

      • Well said man. I’m a die hard bulls fan, but still had to appreciate lebron clearing john lucas for the throw down…..

    • i dont agree… i think whether your from the team or not.. that still falls under one of the best dunks of all time!!!!

  3. This dunk made the news in Japan:

    And, sure, you can say that it’s just two points, three even, with the made free throw…but it’s not about meaningless points in a simple regular season sports match.

    Some guy wanted to throw a ball through a steel circle, and another guy, who happens to be very good at preventing such an action from happening, tried to stop him…but the initial guy who wanted to throw down, did so, in such a fashion that some people on the other side of the Earth reported it to other people who may have missed it.

    Highlights don’t care about points. That’s NBA, and that’s how guys make their money.

  4. sorry, think the correct term is a “thunk” since he threw down but either nicked or didn’t touch the rim at all.


  6. On the outside Kevin is saying these things because he is a leader for his team and in order for the team to be a success team they need chemistry in the locker room. If Durant was to rave about this dunk on his own teammate then the chemistry would fall apart and so would the team.

  7. Since when does touching the rim define a slam dunk? A slam dunk has been the downward throwing of the ball through the goal for as long as I’ve been sentient. If you were to imagine yourself holding the ball in two hands, say, eighteen inches above the rim, the ball within the theoretical cylinder, then throwing the ball directly down in to the basket, without your hands touching the rim, you’d not call it a lay-up. Or a “thunk” – a starkly unimaginative invention – or anything else. Where do all the naysayers suspect the b’ball terms “throws it down” or “throw-down” originate? Touching the rim is irrelevant.

  8. Any of you have a little brother that got beat up before,, if so I’m sure you never bragged about it, you probably stuck up for the little guy.. No difference here, KD is playin the role of big bro, verbally that is…Its not like he can go punch perkins bully or anything he might get crammed on too..LMAO..At the end of the day its just a game,,you win some, you lose some,,,Perkins just lost this one on National tv in front of millions…..

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