How about that Blake Griffin dunk? You know, the one on Kendrick Perkins. Yeah, that one. You remember it, I’m sure. Only happened a couple days ago and everyone everywhere talked about it all the time. It was pretty cool.

But you know who didn’t like? Here’s a hint — he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and he’s led the league in scoring the past two seasons. From Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman:

KD when asked what kind of appreciation he has for Blake’s dunk on Perk: “I have no appreciation for it at all.”

KD: “It was a layup, I think. He threw the ball in and got fouled and made a free throw. So it’s three points at the end of the day.”

KD admitted he was sticking up for his teammate/team in his response. “If it wasn’t against us, maybe I would have said it was a good play.”

I bet this is pretty much how all the Thunder feel, that it was a stupid play and they hate it, but if it was one of them that it they would think it’s awesome. It’s a very Joakim Noah situation and it’s probably how every team feels when one of their guys gets dunked on.

But that’s still a pretty good ratio of like to non-like. 29 teams of guys love it and go nuts, but 15 dudes are like, “Psssht, whatever.” I’m fine with that the next time I dunk on one of the league’s best defensive centers.

(via EOB)