Ballin: Anderson Varejao scored 20 points in one game and grabbed 20 rebounds in the same game, both of which are season highs. It’s his first ever 20-rebound game and just his fourth career 20-point game. Awesome line, but don’t expect it again any time soon.

Not so much: The Bobcats, which is weird because nobody played that bad. Still, when this screenshot with this score is part of the broadcast, you get an L. Only nine turnovers on the night, but I guess the .348 shooting is what did them in. At least DeSagana Diop was +7.

Best dunk week ever: We’re living in special times, my friends. Here’s Deron Williams from last night.

Any other week, that’s the best dunk we see. This week it’s No. 3 at best.

In fact: This dunk might actually be No. 3.

These two, LeBron and Blake in the same week? That’s absurd.

Problems: I am very on board with the Denver Nuggets’ philosophy of no go-to guy because it makes them really fun to watch since you never know what to expect. But when you’re running running isos for Andre Miller and curls for Rudy Fernandez with the game on the line, you realize that it might be nice to have at least one guy who can take some of the attention off everyone else.

Pretty: Oooh, those Pacers throwbacks were great. “Very nice!” — Borat

Not a great quote: “We’re not even putting ourselves in a position where these games are in doubt,” said Lawrence Frank, whose Detroit Pistons already have 11 losses by 15 or more points.

Cool disguise: I bet you didn’t even know that was LeBron James at last night’s Marquette-Seton Hall game.

If only he had a fake mustache, no one would have noticed him.

Closer: Brandon Rush had 15 points on 5-7 shooting, including three threes, in the fourth quarter of the Warriors’ win over the Kings. Impressive.

Other things: Just a bone bruise for Nicolas Batum, who might play Thursday … Brad Miller was the best player ever on January 14, 2009Get out of here, Ty Lawson … Carmelo Anthony played last night, scored 25 points and the Knicks won. So everything is totally OK in New York now … Here are the Jazz playing Jenga