Just a reminder to NBA teams — J.R. Smith is eligible to sign a contract in about a month. 60 points in the Chinese Basketball Association is probably equal to 20ish in the NBA, so consider this his video application for future employment.

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  1. “Watched” this video 4 times alt+tabbed for the Big L

    You could post a 2012 Kwame Brown highlight reel over some Big L and it would get hits

  2. I love how they’re holding up a sign for JR calling him a “LENGEND”… hehe

  3. Who cares about JR , Big L is the highlight of this video

  4. Big L mixes are the best mixes

  5. how many threes did he take? 25?

  6. I’m pretty sure Patty Mills bombed some 40-50 point games in his time in the CBA. And that was with Kenyon Martin forming “the Big 2″!

  7. but look whos guarding him? nobody. Those are red pilons…

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