This made me laugh so, so much. Take it away, Jared Wade of Eight Points, Nine Seconds:

Early in the second half last night, Deron Williams did just about everything a ball-handler can do to paralyze an entire team’s defense. He maneuvered around the Pacers’ attempt to defend the Nets pick-and-roll like Baryshnikov, drawing both defenders and freezing every other Indiana player into an awed trance. The whole lane opens up for Sheldon Williams and D-Will delivers a perfect pass.

Then, Sheldon Williams does exactly what you might expect a guy who had 0 points, 3 turnovers and 5 fouls in 23 minutes to do: throw up all over his damn self.

Cheer up, Nets fans — it could have been worse.

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  1. There was a young teenage kid who used to play pickup at my local court and he had his left arm amputated at the elbow. I’d bet he was better at catching basketballs than both Shelden Williams and Kwame Brown.

  2. From reading the post I expected him to miss a shot, clank it of the rim, overthrow of the backboard or something of that nature. Man did I expect too much.

  3. I thought he was going to literally throw up on himself.

  4. There should be a “Free D-Will” movement.

  5. wow… i wonder if he will stay in jersey… Come to TORONTO and feel alright!

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