On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Sixers’ biggest win of the season, Andre Iguodala’s third-quarter show, whether Rick Carlisle should be suspended for kicking the ball into the stands, Serge Ibaka’s block party, why these Minnesota Timberwolves are just like Greg Gilliland’s cross-country running style, an unconscious Brandon Jennings, and Chris MOTHERFUCKIN’ Paul. All that, plus giant muskies, Tas’ high school basketball team, and your newest “Wanker of the Week.”

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Comments (11)

  1. We need to change the Kraptors to the Huskies, Jurassic park was released how long ago? No wonder no one takes the rapts seriously…

    Also, which coach is more in way over their head? Mark Jackson or Vinnie Del Negro?

    Good show as always guys,

  2. Loved the participation medal comment.

  3. Hawes is a big loss for the Sixer’s; check out his off-rates and the ensuing offensive slippage. Not to mention the cluster injuries at the “5′ for them; Legit win.

  4. #31 looks more like J Preece. You sure that’s you Tas? Check out a real skinny BHHFD on the far left?!

  5. I actually did something like that once in track. Was running a 400m, jogged the first half of it and let everyone get about 100m ahead, then around the 200m mark i sprinted like i was doing a 200m race, caught up to everyone and ended up with my best 400m time ever

  6. every time chris paul has a good game, a laker fan names a kitten david stern and immediately murders that kitten

  7. In my opinion Tas too many times says “it won’t happen again”, other time I heard “how many times this team will shot from three point land with such efficiency”, today it was “Sixers won’t get so many points from turnovers”. Hey, it’s NBA, they say big things happen here ;)

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