It feels so weird that we’re already preparing for the All-Star Game when we’re only six weeks in to the season, but that’s life in a post-lockout world. Everything’s shorter now, which is why we got about 15 hours to vote for starters for this year’s game. But no matter how weird it feels, the All-Star Game is coming and this is what your favorite players are going to be wearing.

As you’d expect, these come from adidas and they’re complete with all kinds of fancy technologies that make things a tiny bit lighter and a tiny bit more breathable. The design is said to be influenced by the 1992 All-Star Game — you know, the one where Magic Johnson won MVP after having been diagnosed with HIV — with big block letters above the numbers and a little script action underneath like they did it back in the day. I don’t really see it but I still like the look of these.

As per usual, there are also some tiny design features that you won’t be able to see until you check out the detailed pictures after the jump — things like the shorts being made to look like board shorts and a hardwood pattern sublimated in to the mesh to honor Orlando’s court. It’s the little things, friends.

The funniest part, however, is the warmups the teams will be wearing. As SB Nation’s Tom Ziller points out they’ll basically be wearing jeggings, or as adidas calls them, “functional stretch denim pants.” Pretty convenient this look is debuted the year after Shaquille O’Neal retires. Smart thinking on that one.

All in all, not bad at all. Kind of similar to last year’s uniforms, but with just enough Orlando-specific modifications to make things different. It doesn’t look like adidas is bringing back the super tight jerseys that shockingly didn’t catch on, which is probably for the best. After all, if all these guys are wearing skinny jeans to warm up, they’re not going to want to wear spandex shirts because then their proportions would be totally messed up.

Detailed photos are after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.