As we all know, the New York Knicks are the worst team in NBA history, there is no chance they will ever get any better and it’s impossible that they’ll be able to make things work with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire on the same team. This much is unquestionably true and in no way hyperbolic.

Because they are the worst team ever, Mike D’Antoni’s job is on the line because it’s certainly not the front office’s fault that this team doesn’t have pieces that complement each other. And he knows it. From the New York Daily News:

“The only thing (Tuesday night) proved is that I can get one good night’s sleep,” D’Antoni said after practice Wednesday in Greenburgh. “That’s the only thing that happened. We’re still 8-13, and the posse is after me. I’m running as fast as I can run. And hopefully I can turn the posse into a parade. That’s my focus, and I’m working as hard as I can work.”

It’s just like that old saying — when life hands you a Melo, make Melonade. Or something like that. You know what I’m getting at.

As it stands, Baron Davis is the only thing saving Mike D’Antoni’s job. He has until Baron returns to right the ship, then if things stay sub-.500, see ya. That’s a scary place to be considering Baron hasn’t exactly been coach-friendly in the past. D’Antoni knows this is his last saving grace and it seems like he’s going to do whatever he can to save his job. It’s like when you clean your room super fast when your mom is on your way home, hoping you’ll get it done before she arrives so you don’t get in trouble. (Totally killing these analogies right now.)

Like I said, if you’re relying on Baron Davis — who, by the way, is sitting out of practices because of soreness — to save your job, things are bad. I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m just saying I wouldn’t want to be the one betting on it.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. I would even pity Pringles but honestly. He got what he deserves

  2. All the Knicks need is Artest back. Half-joking, but he’d be a better coach than D’antoni. Artest is singular and I hope he plays until he’s 89. Maybe then, he won’t have to tire himself out pre-game in order to make defense easier. For a comprehensive look at Artest’s crazy, check out Three Second Violation’s three-part dedication:

  3. This is getting ridiculous. In most (let’s just say ALL) teams, the coach isn’t even choosing which pieces he will have to and win with. And if he’s given a crappy to mediocre roster, he’ll pay the price if they don’t win. How illogic is that?

    I know every coach has his duties and bear some responsibility for the play of his team, but Knicks’ GM didn’t give D’Antoni a team, he gave him a truckload of mediocre to shitty players with a overpaid player who NEEDS a good PG and another very talented player who doesn’t fit in the coach’s system at all. Who’s to blame? The Knicks organization, not D’Antoni.

    • BUT….. who makes the decision who stays and who gets fired – the same people who messed it up. Surely noone expects the GM to say “Sorry, I screwed up. I’m leaving.” right?

      But you’re absolutely right about one thing – neither Melo, nor Amar’e are franchise players for real. They’re superstars (not, if you ask me) who need to be put after the real franchise player is in place.

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