Ballin: Point guards, you guys. Steve Nash went for 30 points on 13-16 shooting and added 10 assists. Brandon Jennings had 31 points, seven threes and eight assists. Chris Paul scored 34, plus had 11 assists and three steals. Where is Gary Payton when you need him?

Not so much: The Raptors scored 64 points against the Celtics and lost by 36 points, but somehow, that wasn’t the worst performance of the night. That goes to the Bobcats, who lost to the Blazers 112-68. It’s the eighth time in 23 games that they’ve been held to less than 80 points.

Get out: Blake Griffin can block shots now?

I have to imagine grabbing the opposing rim is probably goaltending, but I’m fine with letting it slide in this instance.

24>23: After one quarter of play, the score of last night’s Miami-Milwaukee game was LeBron James 24, Bucks 23. They shook it off though, holding the Heat to just 37 second half points and notching their second win of the season against the Heat.

Lookin’ good: Pacers-Wolves both in throwbacks? Don’t mind if I do.

I’m not sure this is true, but this feels like our first throwback-on-throwback game of the season. I like that, even if the Timberwolves Muskies jerseys literally look like what my wife’s team wore in high school.

Did you know?: 45 years ago today, the Nuggets, Spurs, Pacers and Nets got their start in the ABA. Expect a midlife crisis any day now.

You fancy: This Chris Paul layup, you guys.

Two hands is for suckers.

Face-off: I’m pretty sure both Kevin Love and JaVale McGee took passes to the face last night, in case you were wondering.

Hate you: Stupid Andre Iguodala and his stupid dunks.

Between the fact that he led the Sixers over the Bulls and that his PS3 equivalent dribbles out the shot clock all the time when I’m playing with the 76ers in NBA 2K12, I am VERY upset with Andre Iguodala right now.

Other things: Serge Ibaka had 10 blocks and 11 rebounds, which is a very weird double-double … John Wall didn’t score his first point against the Magic until there was 3:08 left in the game … Did you see Gregg Popovich freaking out while trying to call a timeout last night? TBS Very Funny … The Clippers’ first five baskets last night were all dunks … Do you have any more gum?

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  1. CP3 had 34 and 11 last night Kerby :D

  2. All those fancy exhibition games this year make me giddy for the 2012/13 season. And nice how everyone tried to top the Chinese Basketball Association point highs from tuesday. “J.R. Smith and the nameless rest can score 30 plus in China? We can have that in the NBA!”

  3. Didn’t the Grizz-Clippers game have both teams wearing throwback jerseys? That was the awful Memphis Tams game.

    Also, videos of Love and Mcgee taking passes to the face please. Javale never fails to do something cringe-worthy every game.

  4. “Stupid Andre Iguodala and his stupid dunks” made me laugh!!!

  5. That game in Utah was a thing of beauty last night. Both teams played hard and if the Jazz loose to anyone at home I am glad it is the Clippers because they are awesome. Also it was a heart breaker only getting beat by two points- no blowouts in Swat Lake City!!!

  6. No mention of Flop City? It’s getting quite a bit of coverage on line… can I have Trey’s thoughts?

  7. While I agree Griffin exaggerated his fall down.. It looked like a charge to me. Millsap lowered his shoulder and barreled into Griffin’s chest, while Griffin was perfectly set..

    • exaggerated his fall down? what the hell does that mean? i can’t think of a better definition of a flop than when a player is falling backward before contact is made. also falling backwards with only heels touching the floor =/= perfectly set.

      flopping in the nba has definitely gotten out of hand, it’s one thing to see dudes like manu ginobili flail around theatrically, but when a guy is built like a tank it’s especially upsetting to see him act like an italian soccer player. blake just needs to start grabbing his shin every time he dives.

      • Now you’re just seeing what you want to see, he flopped after contact. Get it right

        • But if he flopped after contact, is that still a “flop” of the type we criticize, i.e. an exaggerated unprovoked fall that is not caused by contact? Or is it just an exaggerated fall after an actual offensive foul? I thought we wanted to get rid of players bowling over without a reason and not of playing by the rules. If the Bosh cries for an ambulance after an elbow sailed by his head, we don’t want that. If a defender steps into the path of a player and takes the contact before falling over? I’m alright with that. (That may be because I did just that over and over again in pick up games, take charges anywhere on the court and get the ball.)

        • ok, he did have his toes on the ground, i’ll retract that. but he’s clearly falling back before millsap gets there. check the stance he’s got as millsap starts his move, he’s either about to drop a deuce or topple over like the jenga tower in that awful commercial.

          someone made a gif here:

          my main point is that it’s a weak move, as a basketball fan i hate it. in the nba has said that fines will be imposed for clear cases of flopping. has that happened yet? i wish it would.

  8. those LA stars warmup cardigans were awesome.

  9. I just looked at the high school jersey link, and either Trey Kerby’s wife played on the boys’ team, or she is in fact a man.

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