Kevin Durant might not think it was a dunk, but the Los Angeles Clippers certainly think it is. That’s why they put it on a shirt and are selling it online for $20.

Pretty quick turnaround here, which is pretty necessary when you’ve had nothing to cheer for until last season. Why not maximize your profits when something awesome happens? It’s called smart business. I learned it from watching MSNBC.

This is at least the second “Poster Child” t-shirt the Clippers have sold, which is hilarious since no one calls him that. I like the 1980′s-ness of it, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue. The Poster Child is better for posters or, I guess, t-shirts.

Personally, I hope some mischievous Clippers fan buys 15 of these and mails them to Chesapeake Energy Arena addressed to each member of the Thunder. I’d recommend hand-delivering one to Kendrick Perkins but that seems like a lot of medical bills for a joke.

(via The Buzz)