Do these photos (one more after the jump) blow your mind? Kobe Bryant smiling and wearing Celtics gear just seems so completely wrong that it almost feels right. Not really, but that was a good way to end that sentence.

Anyways, these pics come from Kobe’s predraft workouts, way back in 1996. Boston had the sixth pick back then, so they worked out Kobe before settling on Antoine Walker as the young star who would lead them out of the Dana Barros and Dee Brown wasteland. I’m not saying Kobe Bryant would have won the Celtics a title earlier than 2008, but I am saying Kobe’s most notable achievement is not a thousand Photoshops of his trademark shimmy. So maybe a tiny whoops there.

On one hand, they missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime talent who is a sure-fire, first ballot Hall of Famer. But on the other hand, they did end up snaring the guy who said he only shoots threes “because there are no fours.”

You win some and you lose some, I guess.

(via BobbyOnealGibbs)