Wesley Matthews is only eight inches taller than Isaiah Thomas, so this is only an 8 out of 10 on the embarrassing scale. This is an infinity.

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  1. Did you factor in that he blocked it with his elbow?

  2. Wes should have passed it to Crawford.

  3. he just made a bad move.. shoulda went up strong..

  4. He’s already the fan favorite in Sacramento. At some point this season, he will catch an alley oop or posterize someone on the break. Almost happened to Granger already but he went with the layup instead. KJ better have that ESC money ready because when it happens, Arco is going to have a couple more cracks in the foundation after the place explodes. You can’t tell in the clip, but the building got hyped after this last night. Everyone was out of their seats. Again, dark horse ROY.

  5. Anyone else know what the Infinity-scoring block was before you clicked on it? Stupid Yao.

  6. anyone else think they were going to see a old isiah thomas playing pickup and blocking someone?

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