Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah gives everyone the guns after Kyle Korver drains a big three in last night’s blowout win over the Bucks. And before you ask, yes, this’ll be the best celebration you see all Sunday.

Super Bowl zing! HI-YO!

via The Windy Apple

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  1. How dare he upstage Scal !!!

  2. rofl.. i love it.

  3. how come when i do this i get banished ? told to sta awa, withot pa? im confsed

    • Yo, Gilbert, I think your Y button isn’t working on your keyboard. Probably get that fixed when you get a job again
      And, Noah is a clown, I love it!

  4. The hesitation before the holstering really sells it.

  5. Noah looks like he’s the NBA player who enjoys his life the most. I love it.

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA, wow, I enjoyed that video above from Celph, well played

  7. lol that should be the opening video for your Pun Gun game!

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