On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas take you through their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: the suddenly feisty Indiana Pacers, (2012 All-Star) Tony Parker, the #FreeSteveNash movement, and 76ers color commentator, Malik Rose, for referencing one of The Cosby Show’s greatest episodes. On the shit list: Kevin Love for stompin’ Scola, TBJ for passing on Luol Deng’s All-Star bid, and good ol’ Charles Barkley. All that, plus Tas’ eventful Super Bowl night, and Trey’s lin-credible “Nower Rankings.”

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Comments (22)

  1. No love for Batum and his 9 threes? Career high in scoring and franchise record for made tres? Nothing??

    • I was just going to say exactly this. I know Portland is off on an island up here, but c’mon guys. He also did it with a bum knee!!

      • Yeah, Portland is so persecuted, you guys. No one ever talks about the Blazers!!!!

        • We get the occasional props, but for the most part, we get ignored in the national media. To the point where late games don’t even get mentioned. As if they never even happened. Even when something noteworthy happens. Batum should have been the woah boy, hands down.

  2. glad he got 2 games for that bush league move. Imagine someone doing that to you in a pick up game. Grounds for a tango.

  3. Solid bounce-back game for the pun-guns.

    And with that, I will now risk a bit of productivity here at work by following the Cosby Show link…

  4. Even with the Love suspension, Minnesota has to be a winner of the weekend. .500 baby!

  5. 11:15
    Appropriate FEDEX truck with appropriate colors with Steve Nash screenshot. Deliver Steve Nash from Phoenix.

  6. Couple of notes on your discussion. One was that Barkley talking about Dirk getting old was in reference to LaMarcus Aldridge getting snubbed last year as an allstar and Barkley said he would not attend the game if LA was snubbed again this year. Also I think Batuums career high 33 pts and franchise record 9 3pt shots deserved a mention. All that after being hobbled with a hip contusion and being questionable to even play. Blazers really came out against the Nuggets and beat them worse than the score indicated. Noticed Skeets asking if Scola would get suspended for stepping on Scola’s face. Pretty limber is you can step on your own face!

  7. Nash would be a perfect fit in Portland. I know everyone wants him in NY but he really would put the Blazers over the top.

  8. Great Nower Ranking graphics guys, shoutout to whoever put them together.

  9. God do I hate Blazers fans… It’s okay when people don’t talk about you, you know…

  10. @Breyzh sounds like you’re talking about people but you know what? It’s ok. It is a basketball blog and it does say comments. Blazer locker room has a sign Roy put up that says “stay humble” and obviously you have no idea how passionate Blazer fans are about our state’s only pro sports franchise….well other than the Timbers soccer team. I thought it was one of the weekends stand out achievements and so diid a lot of basketball fans. Try commenting about a coach, player or even team but fans are fans.

    • In future @gregory, don’t mention the Timbers as a professional sports franchise. Ever. It just makes you sound silly.
      The Big Man Brad Miller looked rather awkward during the Love and Rubio celebration. But, how about Miller as a Winner? The man was efficient when he was on the floor against the Rockets. Yeah, the Rockets will rue the day when they decided to make room for Rue-bio.

  11. PS Breyzh, Blazer fans hate you right back.

    • And I’m okay with it… I quite like that Blazers team and McMillian is a hell of a coach, but Blazers fans are way too whiny every fuvking cvomments section… I mean, it’s okay when people do talk aboiut you, but when they don’t, just keep a low profile, man…

      I mean, do whatever, just knows that it annoys some people…

      • The Blazers don’t need to dominate the podcast, but a mention of Batum’s career night would have been cool. That’s all we’re sayin’.

  12. “Sort of like an awesome little bong..”

    Heh.. heh.. heh.. heh..

  13. Jeremy Lin’s favourite song is Rick Ross’ Everyday im hustle-Lin

  14. Deliberate stomp and pathetically argued, Tas.

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