That image right there — Jeremy Lin looking boss while holding a basketball in single teapot formation — is the splash page for Yes, really. A guy who scored a fifth of his career points in his last game, who has gone for double-digits in two other games, and has played 39 total games and has zero starts is the reason you should buy tickets for tonight’s game against the Jazz. He is starting after all.

Only for the Knicks would a player who wasn’t on the roster on opening day be a reason to spend money to watch a game a month-and-a-half later. Only they would feature a player who is only playing because the coach tried everyone else he could think of at point guard before calling for a guy who could be fourth-string within two weeks. Just hilarious marketing by those Don Drapers over at Madison Square Garden. Way to strike while the iron is piping hot.

So if you’re a big Jeremy Lin fan, tonight’s the night. We all thought Baron Davis was the only guy who could save Mike D’Antoni’s job, but I guess we underestimated the guy getting nine minutes a game and who is now the Knicks’ website-appointed savior. Easy mistake to make.

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  1. sooo.. you’re expectin him to play badly? i’m ok with the marketing. i’m sure there will be some growing pains now that defenses will focus in on him, but after what he did, i don’t see how they don’t market the hell out of him. wish the best for him moving forward

    • I just think it’s funny that he’s had one good game and now they’re basing ticket packages around him.

      • i think its funny that trey has not thought of how marketable Jeremy Lin’s is in New York

      • Well Trey, he proved you wrong. One of the best lines of the night:28 points, 2 boards, 8 assists, 2 steals, on 10-17 shooting. 8 turnovers, which isn’t good, but otherwise a great night.

      • Hahaha, eat your words Kerby. (Yes, I know its just two games, but its so damn brilliant.)

  2. Great story for Lin after being released by the Warriors and spending some time in the D-League. I really do hope he continues to play well.

    But to be fair, his great game was against the Nets, who are probably the worst team in the NBA without D-Will. The real test will come this Friday vs the Lakers.

    • D-will was at the game and played too

      “I didn’t do a good job containing Jeremy Lin.”
      —Nets star guard Deron Williams, uttering words few ever expected to hear in regards to the Knicks’ reserve guard.


      • Can we Williams got destroyed? It was just cross over.. cross over.. shot .. cross over.. He couldn’t even SEE Jeremy Lin on the field that night.

      • Ya I know D-Will was playing, but im just saying, D-Will probably has the least talented 11 players surrounding him, and the Nets would easily be the worst NBA team without him there.

        Just look at how many points Lin got at the rim, thats not JUST D-Will’s fault, no one was helping out at the rim like the big men are supposed to. A team like L.A. won’t allow that to happen, so like i said, that will be the real test for him on Friday.

  3. Glad to see the #TwoSuperstars approach is going swimmingly.

  4. Give the guy a chance. It’s not like he was hitting jump shots during a hot streak, he was playing within himself. What you saw in that game is HOW he plays. Check the John Wall vs. Jeremy Lin video from the 2010 Summer League game.

    Chris Webber was commentating and singing his praises.

    Up to this point he just hasn’t been in a good situation to get minutes. Now he’s the .. well, he’s the splash guy. :)

  5. its not Lin’s fault the knicks front office is a fucking joke. the guy wants to be a preacher though, so maybe they can get some some Asian-American Tebow mileage if he leads them on a playoff run

  6. I saw an article about this guy a year ago and supposedly he has an off-the-charts IQ even for someone who went to an Ivy. Don’t think he’ll be racking up points like he did against the frontcourt-thin Nets, but all he really needs to do is run the pick and roll w Amare (condolences) and then he’s an automatic upgrade.

  7. My Asian buddy texted me JEREMY LIN!! the other night, so I looked him up and read about his great night. There will be BIG interest in an Asian pg.

    Hope he does well and the Knicks trade him for a bigger marquee star that chokes after 10 games….and then continues to scorch them every time they meet.

  8. I was wondering how long they were going to keep ignoring Lin at the end of the bench… @Chris I saw that video before too… I was loving this guy’s game…. sheeeeit, CWebb was loving this guy… His first 2 teams (GState and Houston) were very guard-heavy. This is his ideal situation. worst-case scenario is he’s B. Diddy’s back-up… best case scenario, he starts over B.Diddy… hope he keeps the starting gig…

  9. I don’t think that game was a fluke. The kid can play…

  10. Shame it came too late or he would have been voted into the All Star game.

  11. It may be funny but literally any PG who can hit shots and run a pick and roll is a huge upgrade for the Knicks.

  12. Has Skeets picked him as his first half MVP yet?

  13. I was a Knick fan until Ewing was done and Riley went to Miami but I will cheer openly for the Knicks as long as Lin is starting and they are not playing against the Heat. Also Jazz fans tell your team to get their own freaking name!!! You guys can be the Utah Hornets. New Orleans wants their logo and name back $@%!$ es.

  14. Props to JLin. can’t wait for him to blow up and then be criticized for talking too much about his religion a la Tebow. Let the boy play!

  15. To be fair, his game was the highlight of the Knicks season so far.

  16. Lin is seriously looking like an oriental Rondo out there against the Jazz.
    Hustle and fundamentals.

  17. Yeah, geez, 8 TOs isn’t great, but damn, 10-17 for 28 pts and 8 assists? dayum.

  18. Pump up the (pearl) jam ’cause Jeremy actually is all that jazz

  19. All he does is LIN!!!!!

  20. And the sarcasm comes back to bite Trey! Boom…

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