That image right there — Jeremy Lin looking boss while holding a basketball in single teapot formation — is the splash page for Yes, really. A guy who scored a fifth of his career points in his last game, who has gone for double-digits in two other games, and has played 39 total games and has zero starts is the reason you should buy tickets for tonight’s game against the Jazz. He is starting after all.

Only for the Knicks would a player who wasn’t on the roster on opening day be a reason to spend money to watch a game a month-and-a-half later. Only they would feature a player who is only playing because the coach tried everyone else he could think of at point guard before calling for a guy who could be fourth-string within two weeks. Just hilarious marketing by those Don Drapers over at Madison Square Garden. Way to strike while the iron is piping hot.

So if you’re a big Jeremy Lin fan, tonight’s the night. We all thought Baron Davis was the only guy who could save Mike D’Antoni’s job, but I guess we underestimated the guy getting nine minutes a game and who is now the Knicks’ website-appointed savior. Easy mistake to make.