On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Tebow-like “Jeremy Lin Show,” Jared Jeffries’ heart, a happy Tyson Chandler, the double-edged sword that is Kobe, Lou Williams’ heroics, checkerboard tattoo and bobblehead, that controversial call in Portland, and JaVale McGee’s epic “.GIF of the Night.” All that, plus a new round of Crossfire, which includes whether the Pacers or Sixers deserve “East Elite” status, NBA All-Star starter mistakes, and why Bosh should stop splashing around in fountains if he wants more people to like him.

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Comments (28)

  1. I think because Lin looks like he’s tired it seems like he’s working more than everybody else.

  2. The Bosh splashes around in fountains like a Bosh? This is unbearable. He’s polluting all the good water!

  3. I did a double take when Trey said his middle name was “Christopher Allen” because that’s my first and middle name.

    I’m glad Jeremy Lin’s getting burn since GS never really played him.

  4. I don’t think Shaq is completely out of line when he claims that he and Kobe were the best duo ever. Naturally, Jordan and Pippen belong in the discussion (insofar as Jordan plus almost any other decent player equals a great duo). I truly believe LeBron and Wade could be in the discussion if they continue to play together like this for 4 more years and (of course) win at least one championship.

  5. *repost*
    Jeremy “all he does is” Lin

    Good to see an Asian small do well in the NBA, but my guess is that it won’t last too long. Lin no doubt works his ass off but you just can’t teach size and speed.

    The real truth here is that the knicks play better with either one of amare or melo missing and a ball handling point guard, which means Baron might actually save the season.

  6. For impact on a team without a lot of talent on it I’d go with Stockton Malone. For championships I’d go to Jordan and Pippen at an even tie with Shaq and Kobe. Jordan’s superiority balanced out by Shaqs impact compared to Pippen’s. Slight edge both ways.

  7. Hey Skeets,

    The Jazz beat the Lakers. We were just the victims of Linsanity.

  8. Jeremy WIN – the PG of the future! (even if the future only lasts until next week)

  9. “can’t teach size and speed.” hes a 6’3″ point guard and doesnt seem to have trouble getting into the lane? why are you guys all so cynical on Lin? i watched his D league triple double when he went down with Jordan a few weeks ago – its not a surprise.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want Jeremy Lin to succeeds in this league(due to at least some chinese tribal instinct) I just don’t think he is athletic enough to handle the demands of the point guard position. He didn’t exactly wow anyone last year in limited minutes for the warriors and these two games might just be an abnormality.

      But Also, he might just have another few good games and I’ll go buy a Lin jersey. Rematch with John wall is next.

  10. Ron Jeremy Lin!

  11. oh god… just what i wanted to see, a “tim tebow” of basketball in Lin

  12. I know the Lin story is pretty cool. But to talk something like 10 minutes about a mediocre non-playoffs team like the Knicks when more deserving teams who have been playing well for a month, that’s unfair. Especially since the Knicks already get too much “ink” (verbal ink in you case) from every single writer.

    Honestly, I’m not gonna say “Hey! My team! My team!” because you talked about them as well, thanks :). But you gotta talk more about the playoffs teams, winning teams, GOOD teams and what the playoffs will ultimately come down to. Giving a bit of love to losing teams when they play well is cool, but it’s still a losing team.

    Otherwise, still a great episode, keep it up guys.

    • “I know the Lin story is pretty cool …”

      C’mon. It’s the BIGGEST story of the NBA week, BY FAR. And, hell, we barely even talked about him on Monday.

      As short as this season is, The Jones season is looooooong. Don’t worry; we’ll get to the good teams — especially as we get closer to playoff time.

      Thanks for watching.

  13. @barachat

    yeah, u mad.

  14. Episode 756 was better than Russillo’s NBA Today (who didn’t even mention J. Lin), but I would like to see you guys take it a step further and discover the next Jeremy Lin. I’m willing to bet that there are a few teams out there that have a Jeremy Lin riding the bench. What if Orlando or LA had a Jeremy Lin (a player on the roster that could solve a persistent problem on the team).

  15. I meant to say this on the podcast this morning, but Serge Ibaka has suddenly become the SUPER X FACTOR for me — the Lamar Odom of the last few years, if you will. When he shows up, and you’re hearing his name early and often, the Thunder are a ridiculously tough out. That is all.

  16. doesnt skeet owe another bookoff payoff?

  17. Great show as always but you could mention AMAZING Westbrook block on Batum.

    P.S. Best duo: Osar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jaabar

  18. In the “great duo” conversation why isn’t anyone throwing out West/Wilt?

  19. McGee was unJavailable for the offense

  20. Finn, West/Wilt is definitely a good pair. But in doing some research today (looking at the combined PER of the top duos I could think of during their best 5 year period together), I noticed that Wilt was a dramatically less effective player by the time he teamed up with West. He averaged something like 13 ppg at that point in his career and had a PER of just about 20. I know PER isn’t everything. But that was eye-opening. The same was somewhat true of Oscar Robertson by the time Lew Alcindor (Kareem) arrived.

    On the other hand, pairs like Shaq/Kobe, Jordan/Pippen, Stockton/Malone, and LeBron/Wade were in their prime together.

  21. Can the Score please invest in a taller table for Trey? That looks like an uncomfortable height.

  22. Hilarious Skeets face randomly paused on


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