Not to turn this in to The Jeremy Lin Jones, but the guy is the biggest story in the NBA. In the past two games, he’s scored 53 points, which is two-thirds as much as he scored in an entire season for the Golden State Warriors. He’s led the Knicks to two straight wins, which is embarrassingly the second-longest win streak New York has enjoyed this year. Basically, he’s the best point guard in NBA history and that’s not even an exaggeration one bit.

And the crazy thing is, he’s been doing it without anywhere to live. From Ken Berger at CBS:

He had toiled in the D-League, been tossed aside by the Warriors and Rockets, and wasn’t sure he’d be long for this part of the basketball world, either. How unsure was he? Lin had been crashing at his brother’s place when coming home late from road games, as the Knicks did after a crushing loss in Boston Friday night. But there was no room at the inn – his brother had ample house guests, Lin said – so he slept on teammate Landry Fields’ couch the night before the best game of his life.

“I think I may just go move in with him,” Lin said.

That’s from a couple days ago, after Jeremy Lin had his first awesome game. He didn’t move in with Landry Fields, but that’s not stopping him from pursuing his good luck charm.

From an NBA TV interview after the Knicks’ win over the Jazz:

“Yeah, I am [moved out from Landry Field's place] but I’m negotiating a price with him right now. I’m gonna try to buy that [couch]. I think it has some kind of magical power or something.

I’m not there any more, but he’s a great teammate and he let me stay there for the night. So thank you to him.”

So, just to break things down, Jeremy Lin has had a great two game stretch for one of the NBA’s most famous franchises, during which he’s been sleeping at his brother’s house or on a teammate’s couch, which may or may not have magical powers. This literally sounds like a movie treatment.

Or at the very least, it’s the introduction to a Bravo reality show. I can’t believe “Thousandaire Housefinder” hasn’t already got the green light.

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  1. One more reason to call the blue-tongued Lin “The Lizard” – not only his quickness and agility but also how he hides in different spots for the night.

  2. I’m really hoping Lin continues playing well just so he can be the Tebow of Basketball

  3. Too bad Thomas wasn’t still the GM or he probably would have given Lin a 4 year max deal based on this performance.

  4. I’d tap that piece of furniture.

  5. This is great man just think about how many players
    Work so hard to get to that level and end up
    Riding bench for their entire career for him to
    Fight against becoming a nobody and being a somebody
    Good S**t ps what Kind of brother is that ?
    Telling him he can’t crash at his pad??
    He’s gonna feel like s**t once Linn gets that NBA money though

  6. David “plantation owner ” Stern should buy a suite at the Plaza for him, 2 billion Chinese will buy NBA Knick shirts. Surprised Trumpster hasn’t offered a freebie for the promo media blitiz . Doesn ‘t the ex-owner of Wang have some $20 million house on Kings Point with 30 rooms, call the dude, get Lin a crib.Goy Hoy Fat Dhoy !!! Man up NY ! .

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