Just because Kendrick Perkins never went to college, doesn’t mean he didn’t learn the same Greek philosophy stuff you and I did taking Bernard Toussaint’s PHIL120 course on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30am. He totally knows all that stuff — Plato, Aristotle, Cicero — you know, the hits.

I mean, he must. How else to explain this crafty Socratic trick he pulled on some reporters? From the Los Angeles Times:

“Can you name me five players off the 2004 All-Star team?”

The reporter scratched his head.

“Can you name me who won the championship in 2004?”

Detroit, the reporter answered.

“My point exactly.”

Boom. That’s how you do it. That’s how you accomplish the rare triple feat of making a reporter feel silly, yourself look smart and proving your point with a simple line of questioning. Wonderful performance. Flawless victory.

Of course, if whoever this reporter is would have thought for a second about the 2004 season, he probably would have been able to name five players from the 2004 All-Star team like it’s no big deal. Shaq and Kobe were still together, Yao Ming still controlled the Chinese voting block, there were a bunch of Western Conference Hall of Fame forwards (Duncan, Garnett, Nowitzki), Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady were relevant, and there were a host — A HOST! — of mid-2000s legends kicking around. Heck, Brad Miller was All-Starring it up back then, though I’ll admit I might be the only one who can come up with that one off the dome.

Nonetheless, pretty solid work by Kendrick Perkins. Not only did he prove his point that teamwork is important for championship teams, he also made sense of his extended goatee. He’s been showing his love for Greek facial hair culture for quite some time, but it’s only now that it’s become evident. Nice to finally get some resolution.

(via Detroit Bad Boys)