Ballin: 28 points and 19 rebounds for DeMarcus Cousins, all on 11-20 shooting. Three blocks and a steal, as well. Plus, the Kings won on the same night as the Wizards, which has amazingly already happened twice this season.

Not so much: The Nets had 37 points at halftime, which is two more than the Bulls had in the first quarter.

History: Here’s Kobe Bryant passing Shaq for fifth all-time in scoring.

Congratulations. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Guys who got MVP chants last night (an incomplete list): Jeremy Lin and Brian Scalabrine.

For this: This must have been why Scal got those chants.

I’m not proud of it, but I laughed at this. A lot.

Point guard problems: Derrick Rose left last night’s game after playing 11 minutes because he was suffering from back spasms. Not awesome. Chauncey Billups left last night’s game after playing 31 minutes because he probably tore his Achilles. Even less awesome.

Block or no block?: Kind of an important play right here.

Criminy that is impossible to call in real time. I think the refs probably botched it but you try making that non-reviewable call at full speed. No thanks.

One good thing: At least the Nets’ retro jerseys looked good.

Classic Wizards: Oh, JaVale.

Quite likely that this guy is having the funniest season of all-time.

Stop the presses: Reggie Evans made a 16-foot jumpshot last night. According to HoopData, he’s shooting 100 percent from 16-23 feet.

Other things: Danilo Gallinari has a chipped bone in his ankle, which is terrible for the Nuggets and my fantasy team … Old Man Knees strikes again! … I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but Carmelo Anthony is wearing a sleeve on every limb of his body … Pair this beautiful Kobe layup up side-by-side with that Dr. J one and you’ve got yourself a nice YouTube video … This Andre Iguodala shot was just silly

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  1. I saw the Aldridge block with the TV on mute this morning and it looked like a great block. I was shocked it was called goaltending. Even in full speed it still looks like a block to me.

    One other amazing Demarcus Cousins stat….only 2 personal fouls!!

    Where Amazing Happens Indeed.

  2. Wizards games look like some game from a summer league – nobody plays defense, nobody plays team ball, nobody knows what the rest of the guys are doing… You have jaw-dropping dunks and a couple of guys showing off from time to time, but no real game whatsoever.

  3. thanks refs for stealing the win from the Blazers. Why the fu*k is that not reviewable?

  4. How was that not a block?? wow.

    I sort of enjoy watching the Wizards play. It’s like watching a train wreck. The same reason I decide to watch the odd Raptor game here and there.

    Jeremy Lin!

  5. Even if it had been called a block the ball still lands in Harden’s possession with time left on the clock, would have been thunder ball, who knows what would have happened then. Bad calls happen all the time, there was still OT to win the game but Blazers went 1 for 9 in crunch time.

    • True… but there’s a huge difference between the ball at mid court with 6 seconds, and two points on the score board!

      • not a huge difference bc it’s impossible to know what would have happened even if the ball was midcourt. The whistle blew so it would have been side out with 6 seconds left? That’s a lot of time to say definitively that the blazers would have won the game had that been called a block instead of a goaltend. The bottom line is whether it was a bad call or not you have to have the mental fortitude to stay in a game to win it. 27-17 in personal fouls in favor of the Blazers and OKC had 20 TOs.. if Im playing for the Blazers and I think I got shafted on a call you better believe I am going to do everything I can to right that wrong call in overtime. No one showed up to do that though.

  6. Blazers lost all momentum after that call though. They gotta be tougher mentally to fight through that shit and still compete. You could tell their wills were broken.

  7. “Criminy that is impossible to call in real time.”

    That’s why you shouldn’t make the call!

  8. That JaVale clip is hilarious. And if you click through the link, the gif they have linked makes it even better.

    Surprisingly, John Wall does not seem shocked that he had to look behind him and wait for McGee to get back on the correct side of the court.

  9. When JaVale got back into play I thought ‘maybe he’ll make up for it.’

    Nope. Botched alley-oop/inside pass.

  10. Pau was like “OHHH SNAP!!” in that Iggy video.

  11. LMA fouled Durantula there anyway – he pulled his right elbow when KD was going past him

  12. This site needs more Wizards clips

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