I take it all back. I underestimated Jeremy Lin.

Clearly he is this season’s Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player, not to mention People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Time’s Person of the Year and will soon receive the Nobel Peace Prize for averting riots in the Tri-State Area. He might even win Best Actor at the Academy Awards. At this point, nothing is off the table.

Meet me at the tattoo parlor at 1:30. We all have an appointment to get Jeremy Lin tattoos.

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  1. Jeremy Win, Novak and the knickiest player of all – Jeffries – really made a memorable game yesterday!

  2. Was he eating a blue lollipop? His tongue is blue… or am I crazy?

  3. Debating driving 30 hours round trip so I can see Rubio v Lin in person. Not going to find basketball that enjoyable at a Pistons game that’s for sure.

  4. Yesterday I was going to defend his front page treatment as deserved since he probably would never be as popular again.

    I may have underestimated him, which is rather embarrassing when I failed to pick him up for my Knicks themed fantasy NBA team and now he can come back to haunt me double.

  5. Didn’t expect him to have two 20+ nights in a row, but didn’t expect Melo to get injured either. I like Lin for the Knicks right now. Finally have someone who can run a decent pick and roll. Although he had 8 turnovers, which is kind of concerning. Then you remember that he is basically a rookie, having only played a handful of NBA minutes. We’ll see how he plays until Baron gets back.

  6. Those 8 turnovers came in the 3rd and 4th. He only had 4 minutes of rest for the whole game in the 1st half. He had 7 assists with 0 TO at one point as well. I’m not as concerned about that high number of TO as everyone else. I pin them more on fatigue than anything else

  7. I vote Jeremy Lin to get the next pun name treatment.

  8. Jeremy “all he does is” Lin

    Good to see an Asian small do well in the NBA, but my guess is that it won’t last too long. Lin no doubt works his ass off but you just can’t teach size and speed.

    The real truth here is that the knicks play better with either one of amare or melo missing and a ball handling point guard, which means Baron might actually save the season.

  9. Yeah, you underestimated Lin like he’s a joke to you and the NY Knicks on your last post, and now, you are being sarcastic. Why not just give credit, and not exaggerate things to the point that you sound so sarcastic. Not a *pure appreciation for the guy.

    • Relax, maks.

      How much credit should you really give a PG who has played two good games ever and had 8 turnovers in his last two quarters of play?

      • Trey’s shtick was entertaining in the first post about Lin, but now it’s getting tired.

        If it wasn’t for trending NBA topics like Jeremy Lin, Trey wouldn’t have a job.

        It’s odd to act with smug superiority regarding people getting excited about Lin when you have 3 posts about him in your blog on Feb. 7 alone.

        Best not bite the hand that feeds, just write about it with some enthusiasm and that trademark Jones humour.

        Sarcasm can only go so far, especially when you’re part of the problem.

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