On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss Steve Nash’s birthday game-winner, why Brandon Jennings only took four shots last night, Redd’s return to Milwaukee, Paul Pierce passing Larry Bird on the Celtics’ all-time scoring list, whether Monta Ellis is an All-Star, Thunder X-factor Serge Ibaka, and the above-.500 TimberWolves! All that, plus we answer your mail, including questions about Chauncey Billups’ season-ending surgery, “The Stephen Curry Babyface All-Stars,” and tricks of the trade for live NBA virgins.

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Comments (22)

  1. Proving that Stephen Curry is still in high school: http://t.co/71u225KB

  2. My babyface team (no rookies):

    PG: Rajon Rondo
    SG: Eric Gordon
    SF: Danillo Gallinari
    PF: Tyler Hansbrough
    C: JaVale McGee

  3. Bernie Kirt U rock man!

  4. Luke Babbitt, DeMar DeRozan, Jeremy Lin and Goran Dragic should sit on that bench.

  5. some Europe wisdom- Nikola is one of the most dreadful defense players ever seen. But he is one of the more talented offence players.

    So I think Love-Pack-man is a big no no

  6. I have NBA League pass but didn’t know you could watch condensed versions of the games. Is this something new? When I load a previously played game, it shows the entire game including commercials.

    Maybe it’s a Canadian thing?

  7. BJ Armstrong would have to hold some kind of executive position on that team, be it coach, GM, etc.

  8. what’s the rap interlude you guys use, i can’t find the song by the lyrics.

  9. My birthday is Friday. I think that means I COULD BE NEXT

  10. Guys, guys, guys, the reason behind Jennings “disconnection” is obvious: you even talked about it a few episodes ago in the Wanker of the Week. Stephen Jackson has not been getting off the bench in the recent games, and his buddy Jennings finally spoke out about it before the game yesterday. I’m sure the coaches or the GM got on Jennings for his comments. Bottom line, Jackson is clearly on his way out, and Jennings is sulking. Jackson even did the same “take only 4 shots in 30+ minutes” thing earlier this season to prove a point, so Jennings is just mimicking his mentor.

  11. Thought you guys might like to know that the ad Google placed at the bottom of the video when I watched this afternoon was for hangover remedies.

  12. Also, that Tas Melas quote was amazing: “He put on his Jimmy hat and went to work.”

  13. while i agree with the fellas on the first game advice, it needs to be tweaked as it doesn’t really factor in the guy’s ‘first game’ status. 1) get a program. just this ONCE, as you want something to remember it by. any future games should be program-less. 2) if you are under the age of 28, wear your favorite player’s jersey. do not wear a random generic sports jersey. over 28? wear a cool team tshirt or team colors. 3) arrive for your first game AT LEAST 30 minutes early, no matter where you’re sitting. it’s interesting to observe the team’s general prep before a game, if only to see how skilled these players really are. it doesn’t quite come across on tv as they play against the best defenders in the world, but each of these guys are world class. for any further games, observe tas/je’s advice. 4) alcohol consumption: obtain no more than half a buzz, as you want to remain involved and remember the experience. any future games alcohol simply depends on the score/your mood.

  14. I still need to watch the last few minutes, but where is Steve Francis shout out in this video.

  15. Jeremy Lin for sure. Luke Ridnour maybe. Kevin Martin as well. Kris Humphreys actually looks like a guy I played hoops in high school with.

  16. Have you guys ever released some kind of list of all the music you use on the video podcast?

  17. Achilles Last Stand

  18. Another nickname for Jeremey Lin: Jeremey Shao-Lin

  19. Kevin Martin, definitely. Throw Brandon Wright in there, too.

  20. On who could withstand losing a starting guard the best? Thunder. They basically just swapped Thabo for a guy who can shoot three’s a little better for Cook, with not a terribly large drop off in defense.

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