We’ve known for a while that Kevin Durant is down to drop a freestyle here and there, but a full-fledged rap song? That’s new. Have a listen to “Worried About Tomorrow,” an actual rap song by the Thunder star that features Privaledge, a rapper Durant’s been affiliated with for a minute.

I don’t hate it. The beat is fine, very laid-back which suits Durant pretty well. It falls in that prestigious category of professional athlete rap songs that aren’t terrible, which is pretty high praise unless we’re talking about a Wayman Tisdale record.

It’s kind of strange to hear Durant playing along with rap stereotypes (“pause,” cussin’, looking out for No. 1) when we know him as such a team-first, nice dude. But I guess that’s what happens when you step in the booth.

So yeah, Kevin Durant’s a rapper now, joining the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tony Parker and Joe Smith. I guess he really is an NBA superstar.

Lyrics after the jump.

(video via probeeCTS)