We’ve known for a while that Kevin Durant is down to drop a freestyle here and there, but a full-fledged rap song? That’s new. Have a listen to “Worried About Tomorrow,” an actual rap song by the Thunder star that features Privaledge, a rapper Durant’s been affiliated with for a minute.

I don’t hate it. The beat is fine, very laid-back which suits Durant pretty well. It falls in that prestigious category of professional athlete rap songs that aren’t terrible, which is pretty high praise unless we’re talking about a Wayman Tisdale record.

It’s kind of strange to hear Durant playing along with rap stereotypes (“pause,” cussin’, looking out for No. 1) when we know him as such a team-first, nice dude. But I guess that’s what happens when you step in the booth.

So yeah, Kevin Durant’s a rapper now, joining the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tony Parker and Joe Smith. I guess he really is an NBA superstar.

Lyrics after the jump.

(video via probeeCTS)

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  1. Not bad… might be the best NBA Player to rap… Way better than delonte west. What is Kevin Durants rap name? Durant and the boys!! Ding ding pun gun locked and loaded! ok .. that was horrible

  2. Don’t forget the BOSS (Lou Williams) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9BkKVhMQ-E

  3. official lyric video for worried bout tomorrow


  4. Being in a Brian McKnight song doesn’t make Kobe a rapper.

  5. Why dose every one wanna be like shaq, NO NBA Player will ever beat shaq in the rap game, platinum, like really, so many wanna be’s

  6. See those headphones Kevin Durant is wearing in the picture? I found a pair exactly like them on eBay, except they have #6 on them. The headband part says “All Star 2010 Thanks For The Assist! KD” so I think that somehow I have Eric Maynor’s headphones that KD gave him. I would post a picture just to prove it if I could/knew how.

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