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Ballin: When Monta Ellis had 30 points at halftime, I knew I was going to have to stay up for the second half. Totally worth it, just to see Monta finish with 48. Too bad the Warriors lost, but still.

Not so much: Do we have a real answer for why Brandon Jennings only took four shots in 28 minutes? Because this nonsense surely isn’t the truth.

Happy birthday: Steve Nash turned 38 yesterday, then did this to celebrate.

Not a bad gift to yourself. Also pretty nice of Scott Skiles to give him Drew Gooden as the big man defender on the pick-and-roll, which is like asking for Nash to get to the basket.

College!: Huge fourth quarter for Jimmer Fredette last night. He went for 13 points on 5-6 shooting with three threes, plus an assist and two steals. Afterwards, he married two girls because of Mormonism jokes.

More history, kind of: Congratulations to Paul Pierce for becoming the second-leading scorer in Boston Celtics history.

Not quite Kobe moving to No. 5 all-time but still pretty cool. I assume there are several video tributes planned.

Too specific: David Lee became the first Warriors power forward to have a triple-double since Chris Webber in 1993. Good for David Lee, but that’s a really weird stat to have on hand. Are we supposed to be impressed that David Lee finally did something neither Brandan Wright nor Brian Cardinal could have achieved?

Miller time: Brad Miller for three!

Brad is shooting 100 percent for three on the season, FYI. Sure, he’s only 1-for-1 but I have to imagine that’ll hold up for the whole season.

Other things: Get out of here, Norris Cole … Shoutout to Nikola Pekovic … Did not expect Chris Bosh to dunk this, but he’s surprised me before — mostly when he did the Maxim photo shoot … It’s official — Chauncey Billups has a torn Achilles and is done for the season. See you soon, J.R. Smith … Carmelo Anthony is out 1-2 weeks with a strained groin, but that’s OK because the Knicks have Jeremy Lin … Ricky Rubio’s 14 assists were a career-high, but I’d guess he’ll top that some time in the next 15 seasons