Does this count as an alley-oop or a tip dunk? Asking for a friend.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. 25000 points and a well earned double gamebreaker for the Wolves on that one

  2. Have to call it a tip.

    • I should’ve explained my argument further.

      The initial attempt at an alley-oop was a missed shot because of a play by the defender. The missed shot was then converted in mid-air by another player. He essentially grabbed a rebound that didn’t bounce off of anything. This is really no different than dunking back a ball that bounced off the rim. Your teammate missed a shot – you jumped up, got the ball, and put it back in. Tip dunk.


  3. It shall now me know as a tippy-oop.

  4. But when Rubio connects with Pekovic, can we call it the European Union?

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