On today’s show, Skeets and Tas go “all in on Lin,” sending TBJ producer, Matt Osten, out on the road to track the New York Knicks newest sensation, Jeremy Lin. Also discussed: Kenyon Martin’s first game as a Clipper, Tony Parker killin’ the Sixers’ pick-and-roll defense, Tiago Splitter, whether Dirk will sit out the All-Star Game, and the Orlando Magic’s perfect storm. That, plus Tas’ “Wanker of the Week,” the Northwest Division, and tips for giving blood. Enjoy.

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Comments (29)

  1. lin and fields were *taking off* glasses, after reading the book, before putting them in their pockets

  2. Great point. The avalanche building up behind him will eat him alive when he has a game that is “sub-par” relative to his past 3 performances. It is going to be very tough to see, and is inevitable because most of his following that has recently developed over the course of the last few days know little to nothing about basketball and simply know him as the “20-point asian kid”.

    Nevertheless, it is fun as hell to watch this kid do well.

  3. Confirmed! Dwight DID have a double-double (11 points, 10 rebounds) in the first Q last night. I wasn’t talkin’ shit.

    • I honestly thought you just made that up… That seems like a rare feat. Now I’m curious; how common is a one quarter double-double for a non-Wilt player?

  4. Love how all of the sports analysts (including you two) are discounting Lin as if he’s going to suddenly fall apart; forget how to pass, forget the lane is open, forget he has Amare and Carmelo on the court. The Lins will continue, guys.

    • We haven’t discounted him. Take a watch of our episode from Tuesday. The Knicks are the first thing we discuss – a much more thorough discussion than today.

  5. When a black player does well, you’ve never said ‘Jungle Fever’.

  6. Jeremy “proof that Asians can indeed drive in the lane” Lin

    So the Bullets are terrible but that was still another good game for Lin, I think his most important contribution so far is that his teammates seems to love playing with him. Amare and Melo will come back soon and tougher opponents are coming as well, I think he will fade a bit but he’s not going back to the D-league any time soon.

  7. is that a Double Dribble-inspired shirt Skeets is wearing?

  8. No more fighting. It makes the kids cry.

  9. You know you have almost no female viewers when there’s no backlash over using the term “bitchy” to describe a female ref. It’s probably best to just use the gender-neutral “asshole” to describe anyone deserving. For example: “Who is this asshole parsing words in the comment section?” Jeff is that asshole.

    • I think we can probably chalk this brouhaha up to American-Canadian cultural differences.

      Bitch was not a wholly inappropriate term for women in the US until it was turned into a campaign issue in 2008 by the Hillary Clinton campaign. And to an extent, I still am not convinced the word bitch carries misogynistic undertones; to me the word, at least before HRC’s campaign, had linkings to positives attributes like force of will, confidence and competence.

      Mind you, I think it was a really clever tactic for HRC’s campaign to feign offense at the use of the word. Early in Clinton’s campaign, they cast her as the pleasant, friendly mom in old-person blazers because they thought that America wasn’t ready for a strong woman leader — that was offensive. It was only after she got the crap beat out of her in the early primaries that HRC’s campaign saw that she wasn’t going to win by taking on false pretenses.

      And at that point there was no better way to cast HRC as a fighter as feigning offense at the word bitch. It became an instant news story, all the time underscoring the connection between her name and bitch (strength, will, fighter) in the process.

      . . . and with that, I’m never going to write about the word bitch again.

      • While I did enjoy that thoughtful analysis (no sarcasm there), I’m not sure I agree. I’ve noticed women taking offense to the word “bitch” all my life. When I was young, I remembered noticing my dad using the word “asshole” as an equal opportunity insult for both men and women. I knew he was onto something!

      • i have to agree with Jeff here – “bitch” has been an insult for women my entire life, and i remember as a kid in the late 80s being told not to use that term in describing a female. certainly not a modern construct.

    • Interesting. I’ve always applied “asshole” exclusively to males. For some reason it doesn’t sound gender-neutral to me even though, yeah, we all have one.

  10. eyo! i’ve said this before: i kinda feel like you guys are my friends in some weird, semi-creepy way (i fell like i have to defend myself for that… i do have a social life you know^^) and as such i really want to ask if you’re a little on edge, skeets? sth wrong at home? you mad at tas? this show has gotten a bit more spicy the last couple of weeks i feel like. so yeah, like scotty D said, please don’t fight, it makes me cry^^

  11. Like Scotty D and telecustom said…. No more fighting! This episode definitely had the feel that Tas and J.E. were pissed off at eachother. The usual chemistry-magic wasn’t there!

    Jeff: I was thinking the same thing when he dropped the “bitchy” comment.

    I’m a daily viewer and I love what you guys do, keep it up! (except today’s episode)

  12. Please quit with these Onion News-style segments, they are TERRIBLE. Save this garbage for the secondary posts. Let Bill Simmons fill his horrible podcast with garbage his friends come up with, you guys should stick to doing the best podcast in sports.

  13. Jeremy Lin has just given us all a dose of yellow fever.

    A healthy potion of the Lakers defense on Saturday, and a matchup against Rubio on Sunday should be the tonic.

  14. Hey guys, c’mon…. Love’s stomp was way way more wanker-y than JaVale’s act. One is a dumb move, from a generally out of space dude, and one is an intentional rude act by a really loved-by-everyone guy. Love is much more deserving, because we all love him so much but he is a wanker at times for sure.

    Hm… I’m missing the drama and fighting… You guys had me looking for it and I’m not sure. Just Tas looking a bit absent and lacking some punch from time to time.

    Love you nonetheless.

    • laughed really hard at “out of space dude” :D awesome description of javale.

      and yeah the “fighting” is very subtle. the tone just seemed kinda snappy on skeets’ behalf… whatever, maybe we’re all reading too much into it. @tbj crew take it as an act of caring about (aboat) our bball buddies^^

  15. taiwanese represent!

  16. Haha I’m Asian and I can’t stand how we pose with the V sign.

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